Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Learning : Roses in Watercolour

 Rose painted in my garden this afternoon

The sun is shining brightly and on days like this it is impossible to sit and work in my studio. It has been such a busy year for me. I've flown to Cincinnati to film four new DVDs which are now available from I have been on tour in USA and Canada last Spring and I am about to head off my my Fall 2016 USA tour. I have held my workshops in UK and appeared at Patchings Art Festival this summer. At times I have felt as though I needed roller skates on to keep up with myself. Add to that a launch of a new book "Paint Yourself Calm" and my life does appear to be anything but calm career wise!

Behind the scenes I have had so much good news that it has been impossible to share everything on line. But I am touched and honoured that a very special painting of mine has been selected to appear on the cover of an international magazine. I have also been approached to write for several magazines, new and existing.  I have an exhibition opening next week at the Windrush Gallery. And as always so many emails to reply to.

 But the sun is shining and all I want to do is paint. And that is exactly what I did today.  I started my day in my studio with three very different and very heavenly washes that I cannot wait to work on further. Then I went into my garden and sat by my favourite rose which is called " Compassion". I watched bees hover over it. I observed a butterfly sat  on top of the soft, silky petals. And my favourite rose is the one I have captured in watercolour above. Quite simply, because the flower itself is simply beautiful.

As I worked today I had a phone call from my publisher. Even more good news. Can I possibly take any more I wonder? I don't know, but for now all I am going to do is paint and learn from nature. The best teacher there is if we take time to sit quietly, listen, look and think about what we are really seeing.

Summer in UK will be coming to an end soon. Days like this will be disappearing. I cannot waste a second. And on that note I will get back to painting!

Whatever you are doing, do take time to realise life is precious. Our tomorrow is never guaranteed. Nor our painting time. Paint when the mood grabs you and when your heart is begging you to.

I do.

 And its' pretty wonderful.

Happy painting!


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