Saturday, 10 September 2016

Berries in Watercolour 2016

 Berries in Watercolour

Following on from my previous blog post I have now added to two of my experimental washes. 

Below are the three warm up washes I created this morning, by choosing subjects to paint that I could easily see from my studio window. I should explain that it is raining outside so I am painting inside in the comfort of my painting haven rather than facing the damp, cold  English weather outside. 

Following my warm up washes I chose one at a time to work on further, taking each to a finished stage but I am also using these experiments as an idea for future work.

Below you can see this mornings warm up washes.

 Warm up washes. The berry wash has cling film on it to create patterns for foliage..

Once the wash of the berries was dry I added individual berries on top of my first wash using gold and red shades. This stage you can see  in the image below.

 Stage 2. Adding bolder coloured berries on top of my first wash.

Next I sat and observed the real berries outside. Their foliage fascinates me as it is turning with the approach of Fall. The leaves are yellow, gold, red and green and the stems connecting the berries to the branches are also interesting. Soon my focus was  moved well away from the gorgeous, ripe, round berries to the interesting shapes surrounding them. I loved adding leaves, then stems and finally more berries.

I am delighted with the result below but I can only achieve this effect by sitting and studying the real thing. Far too often we paint without actually looking closely at what we are painting. We race to add colour. We race to complete a painting. But we don't take time to simply look and that really is the most important part of being an artist. 



Now of course I want to paint more berries which is the point of my exercises. To make me want to paint even more than I do already.

Oh how happy I am to be an artist!


A rather odd close to my blog but I have recieved an email from a kind follower of my blog letting me know that an artist is not only copying my art but they are also copying my blog posts with very little personal interpretation or addition of their own unique material. They are recommending three washes a day, and warm up painting exercises like mine as their own original ideas. All taken from my books, blog and DVDs. Including my subjects. I am not going to contact or name the artist. But I will say this to them. When you use another artists material and publish it as your own you are not hurting the other artist at all but you are losing respect and credibility as an artist yourself.  So if you are reading this message, please try to share your own work and your own teaching ideas on your blog. In the long run, it is you that will benefit.


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Jessrose21 said...

I just complained on Skillshare about an artist who is plagiarizing your books and dvds. She's on Udemy as well. If you complain to those websites and can prove plagiarism, they would have to remove her classes wouldn't they? It's one thing to emulate an artist and quite another to absolutely copy their works and publications. You've been so generous with your knowledge and skill on your blog and you've been my inspiration for painting. It angers me to see someone ripping you off!