Tuesday, 13 September 2016

I have a rigger and I know how to use it!

 Detail added by using my rigger to form petals to a rose wash

I thought it might be fun and helpful to add this little blog post. I see so many artists on my workshops ruin a gorgeous painting because they race to complete it or they go in to add detail far to heavy handed.

Can I make a suggestion?

If you have a gorgeous first wash take your time adding detail.

Add one brushstroke at a time, making sure it is perfect before you race to add the next one.

The time while you are painting and working this way can be far more relaxing and the end result so much more pleasing.

One rigger brush stroke at a time will build my rose painting up. And if I stop to look at it after each new brush stroke is added I can enjoy the beauty of the rose developing.

Don't race!

Take time to " smell" the roses whilst you are painting them.

You can see the difference a few brush strokes makes to my rose painting above and below before the extra detail was added.

Rose painting before the extra detail was added.


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Trilbycole said...

Jean, this is fabulous. Thanks for the tip on using the rigger. Most of my artworks are based on your style and tips - atleast, that is what I have in my mind... I try to use that skill in acrylic and it is not always the same.
You are a very generous artist who pours out her tips and talents to all artists, especially the Watercolor artists. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!!
Trilby Cole (Chit Jay)