Tuesday, 6 September 2016

"A Brush With a Woman " Exhibition Collection 2016

"Dog Tired"
Sleeping Beardie
59 x 78 cms

 This painting is of course my Bailey, who was sleeping but opened his eyes as soon as he felt me near him with my camera. I think the title "Dog Tired" really does share the feeling of the moment captured in this painting.

I adore Beardies. Their characters are so wonderful. They are loving, loyal and amazingly  great companions. I have this piece destined for our own cottage unless someone falls in love with it at my exhibition. The new owner would have to love it as much as me, because of the affection and loving brushwork that has gone into it. Not just a painting. But an emotional connection between owner and pet.  A feeling each time that you look at the painting you feel. A softness. Love shared via art.

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