Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Catalyst 2016 : Cats in Watercolour


Well that's it. I have been hit by the "cat bug" and badly. Every single wash or blob of paint that I create seems to lead to a cat painting like these two simple pieces. Which happened as if by magic.

I love " Catnap" above. My own cat Biscuit has been sprawled out all summer, sleeping with her legs stretched as far as she can stretch them. But now the days are drawing cooler she is pulling herself into a cosy ball shape when she sleeps to keep herself warm. She is a ginger cat, but my painting could be a Siamese. I have allowed the pigments to create whatever colour cat they wish to.

The little cat below really was just a run of colour that I added ears to and then whiskers.It was such fun to play with. But on my easel now is a huge piece of white paper and that will be where I now create something more serious.


I have a new found energy in my latest work. But when I am playing with colour on these smaller studies it will never be a "catastrophe" if they go wrong. On scraps of paper nothing really needs to be purrfect and a whisker of colour here and there can lead to the most stunningly simple of results.


Thoughts for the day

1) Life isn't always purrfect and neither does our art have to be.
2) Whispers of colour can create something just as beautiful as bold colours.
3) Playing with colour can lead to some incredible new art ideas.



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