Wednesday, 7 September 2016

"A Brush With a Woman" Solo Exhibition Collection 2016

"Peony Heaven"
64 x 82cms.

Possibly my favourite painting of all time. "Peony Heaven" will be in my solo exhibition at the Windrush gallery and sadly a photograph online doesn't really do it justice. There are patterns and effects that are lost on the computer screen. In a gorgeous mount and white frame it looks wonderful andI must confess,  it was hard to let it leave my home.
This painting is part of my new collection which will be on show for the first time at the Windrush Gallery.

Full details on the show and how to reserve a painting can be found via this link.



Denise Mallam said...

Soooo beautiful.What an amazing achievement.Good luck with your exhibition Jean,you deserve every accolade.

veredit - isabella kramer said...

What a splendid picture, it looks just on my monitor very impressive, lively and full of positive energy. I'll be with you at your exhibition in my thoughts.


a woman who is said...

Jean that is stunning even on the computer screen. I can't imagine how that brush work! Maybe Seattle will a bit of a demo on that =). Congrats on your Solo Exhibit!!!