Sunday, 4 September 2016

Broken Ankles, Broken Ribs but no Broken Hearts

August UK Workshops 2016

Yorkshire Terrier Demonstration
From my August 2016 UK Workshops.

For the last two weeks I have been heavily committed to the success and enjoyment of everyone attending my UK Summer workshops. Commencing with a two day workshops titled " Watercolour Heaven" which was an artists retreat full of inspiration and motivational ideas to flow into new energised painting long after the course was over. This was followed by six individual one day courses of differing themes. All very much enjoyed by everyone who attended judging by the happy faces of the artists leaving the teaching venue each day, and the emails I am now reading from those who have contacted me to thank me for inspiring them.
I should be exhausted as I put so much energy into these sessions but I am inspired. I want to paint in a way I have never painted before. I too have loved each demonstration, idea, tip, technique, new subjects and colour options that have been covered in my classes.The rooms have been daily filled with enthusiasm and an eagerness to explore that has reached very high " highs" at times in passion for painting. I am thrilled as that is exactly what I wanted to achieve. I always want each of my workshops to be the best I have ever taught. It is the only way I know how to share my love for what I do. Creating in this magical medium.

During the last two weeks I have had artists coming to me from Guernsey,Jersey, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, USA and Canada. And UK of course. I must admit I am touched and humbled by how far people will travel to attend my workshops. Two of the artists on last weeks courses shouldn't even have been here with me at all. Sylvie from France broke her ankle weeks ago but refused to miss my workshop as she had been looking forward to it for such a long time. She came with a special support for her injured foot. Isabella from Germany broke her ribs just before coming an told me her first thought as she fell was me. She too refused to miss my workshop. I am speechless in a way and overwhelmed that these two artists not only travelled but overcame such last minute obstacles in their way of getting here!

This knowledge as a teaching artist pushes you even more to put as much into your classes as possible and oh boy, I did!

I used Sylvie's little Yorkshire Terrier as a demonstration subject at one point. The finished painting is above and it is now home in France with Sylvie where I hope she is resting her ankle and now following doctors orders. A "Get Well" gift from me.

I meet the very best people on my workshops and to each person who attended I offer you my most grateful thanks for being so fantastic. You keep me wanting to paint as such as I aim to inspire you. I have more new ideas which I am working on. More new subjects and some very exciting colour combinations which will  be shared in time.

But for now, I too need to recover from a very hectic two weeks. Workshops I will remember for the rest of my life for many wonderful reasons. Seeing a new artist discover their own talent, seeing someone who has been painting for a very long time find renewed enthusiasm in their own work, seeing someone who thought they were useless appreciate how fantastic they are at coming up with new ideas and seeing someone who was about to give up painting absolutely fly to new heights in their style. I see so much. So much that is a privilege to witness. I love you all. And I mean that. You are very special people and please, keep painting. Also please give to others around you in any way possible whether it is sharing your joy for art , Whether you shareon social media, online or off. Art does enrich our lives. If it enriches yours, allow that joy to touch others souls in your finished paintings or by your happy learning experiences.

Share your happiness.

I believe together, we do in our own way make this world a better place. 

Happy Painting and have a great Sunday!




Super Bright said...

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Siggi in Downeast Maine said...

Please know you make my place on the DownEast coast of Maine
a better place for me with your posts.
My children are grown and have moved to where they can find work,
and like you, I want to paint with inspiration and with a new
intensity ... it is easy to get the doldrums painting when
realizing that aging is catching up with me. The last few outings
I have tried to do the loose backgrounds and find the paintings in
them... a garden on a pink granite mountainside ... I liked the first
draft, others liked a bit of detail to show it was a garden...
for the first time in a long time I actually like what has been happening
Thank you for making a difference in my life as those who are lucky enough
to take your workshops... I can see why battered and broken bones didn't
keep them away !