Friday, 9 September 2016

"Adoration" : New Watercolour

Gallery  Collection
Please respectfully be aware that this piece is strictly the copyright  of Jean Haines 

I have had such a busy time this year and recently have been contacted by the galleries who represent me as they want more of my original work to sell. As it has been an amazing year my studio is deplete of new pieces. My latest collection of paintings has now been delivered to the Windrush Gallery in Burford for my solo exhibition which opens this month.
You may think that because it has I can now sit back and relax. But no. An artists' addiction to painting is like a thirst that is never satisfied, and that is good news for the galleries who are waiting to hear from me. I started my new collection of work today with this gorgeous dog. I love their expression. They obviously adore their owner which is why I gave the piece the title "Adoration". I adore my own Bearded Collie, Bailey, who is never far from my side. At thirteen he has been with me for such a long time and is in my heart always.

When painting animals I always try to capture the emotion and character of each new subject. This dog is alert, well trained and waiting for the next command or even a treat. He is stunningly beautiful in every single way. I adored painting him, and I may very well want to hang onto him. He touched my heart with each brushstroke. I will add him to my gallery collection which will be released at a later date. And I will wish for this painting a truly special home to  a dog lover who understands the connection between owner and four legged friends very well.

Now it is time to paint the next piece.

Before I leave this blog post can I respectfully remind followers of my blog that whilst I write and share my teaching on how to work in watercolour , I also share my gallery work from time to time on my blog. These paintings, like the one above, are not intended to be shared here for the purpose of being copied.  I like to share the paintings I sell as well as those I hope to inspire other artists with. So please don't copy this original work.  But I do hope it inspires you to paint your own dog or pet, in your own way , using your own colours. That would please me very much.



Margaret Eggleton said...

Just bought you new video on painting cats and dogs....its wonderful, really enjoying it. However don't think I will ever manage anything as good as your new dog

Carmel said...

I also just bought your new video on animals. All your videos are so good. They do inspire me as do your books and blog. You are always so cheerful, so positive. I am signed up for your October 2017 workshop in Seattle. I can hardly wait!