Monday, 19 September 2016

"Patience" : White Cat 2016

White cat in watercolour

You may wonder why the title "Patience" for this white cat in watercolour. Well, the reason is that I am often asked to paint peoples pets. I don't accept commissions but,  if I love the particular character I am asked to capture in watercolour, I sometimes keep an image and when the mood takes me will paint it. And that is what has happened here.
A local farmer has a rather splendid white cat. In fact they rescue all manner of animals including a blind goat that keeps bumping into things. Understandably! But the goat is very happy. And white too by coincidence.

The photograph of the white cat I have been given is gorgeous but only half of the cat is in full view as half of it is in shade. The other half is in bright sunlight. This gave me many options on how to paint it but I opted for the above version. This grand creature is well fed and well loved. By the expression on his face Ifelt like calling this " Smug"!

I have painted two versions. This one will be going in a show at some point but for now I think I will just enjoy it!



iseeseven said...

I'm new to watercolour painting - an overenthusiastic newbie. Your images are so inspiring. None more than the roses, and other florals, which are my favourites. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, tips and images.

ana barrera said...

Love it! Thanks for your tips.