Saturday, 17 September 2016

Well I Never!

 Image 1. 
First Wash
What is it?

This morning I created a few warm up washes as always, but on one piece of paper I had literally thrown left over colour from my palette, allowing it to fall and dry where it wanted to. I had expected to put this piece in the bin to be honest. But when I looked at it later I could see something so obvious just waiting to be painted.

Look at Image 1 above. can you see what it is? 
Let us see how good your imagination is. 
Look for the subject in the above wash before looking at the images below.

If you can't see it I will add a clue in the image below.

 Image 2.  Look for the fluffy tail

 Having added a negative edge to make the tail I could see in this wash come alive I next added a hint of the back of the mystery subject found in my first wash. See below. Bear in mind this painting wasn't created with a subject in mind It just happened.

 Image 3. The hint of the back of the animal added.

The images below should now give more of a clue as to what is appearing.

 Back of the head added and the lower foot ( paw! )

Granulation effect in the wash which is purrfect for fur.

 Ears added 

And below a few whiskers
 "The Cats Whiskers"
To be completed.

Now the above painting isn't intended to go in a frame by any means but rather than throw it in the bin without showing you I decided to share it because this is exactly how I learn and gain ideas. From looking at my washes and seeing what subject is in them.These ideas form the basis for my many paintings.

And now of course I want to deliberately paint a cat!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. It was purely aimed at being inspirational. Working with a wash that already has blobs of paint in places you may not wish them to be can limit creating a painting worth framing, but it can still certainly wake your imagination up and lead you to new  ideas for better work.

Artist tip? Have fun creating and look in your washes for subjects before throwing them in that bin!


A Request. 
If you find any of my blog posts inspirational and use the ideas from them could you please be kind and link to the original blog post if you share your work from them online, so that others may enjoy my posts  too? 
Thank you!


Anne Marieke said...

I saw a bunny horizontally at the top :) Fluffy tail to the right, face and ears to the left :)

1peggystyle said...

I especially enjoyed this blog post. I love doing the washes, however I really have a hard time making something out of them. I enjoyed seeing your process and I would love seeing more of these type of posts. Thank you Jean!