Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Racing Against Time

Horses racing. The aim of this painting is to capture movement and life via energetic  brushstrokes and  wise placement of colour.

Yesterday I couldn't settle because of  the situation with our elderly dog Taffy. Whilst he slept on and off during the day I painted but at this time  the thought of painting flowers or a still life really didn't appeal to me. I was restless and finding it very hard to sit still. And so I found myself stood in front of a large board and a full sheet of white paper imagining what would work best on it. I chose horse racing as a subject and allowed my imagination to place the subjects in my composition and these begged for certain colours, brushstrokes and many sections left to the viewers imagination.

Normally when I work on horse racing scenes my focus is on the jockeys but this time I became totally  engrossed with the horses. I didn't want to paint them in fine detail as for me  just the suggestion they are there is enough. I am working on a series for a galleries at the moment. I rarely say I like a painting I have completed but the development of this one is  quite special in that I have felt I am crossing yet another step in experimentation as new ideas have come into play with my techniques. My aim at catching a sense of life in my work  is beginning to take a new direction and it really is very exciting.

Today is a new day and a new piece of white paper is calling me.



Sparrowhawk said...

wow, the movement is visible in the horses! As always I am amazed by the precise brush strokes!

Jean Haines SWA said...

Thank you so much, I must admit I got completely mesmerised in what was happening as each horse appeared. I find this form of painting so very exciting as you never know exactly what will happen next or how each piece will turn out.

A Brush with Color said...

The action and drama in this is wonderful! You can really feel these horses racing along. Looks beautiful!

AK said...

There is an amazing movement in this work. Brilliant.

jane minter said...

full of life jean .. high speed ...hope you've had some good news from the vets dear taffy.