Saturday, 3 July 2010

Heavenly Cosmos

"White Cosmos"
First Directional Wash. No Preliminary Sketch.

In my garden are beautiful white cosmos with delicate white flower heads that gently sway in the slightest of breezes.Watching how their shapes change as the wind touches the petals is fascinating.  They literally dance at the softest of touches. I have sat whenever I have a free moment enjoying the blanket of white and  loving how each  flower intereacts with others surrounding it. Knowing I need to capture movement for a day that is touched by breeze and peace for a day that is calm. Valuable information to the one holding a brush and selecting a technique before painting.

Cosmos surrounding a statue in my cottage garden.  
Everything is planted and designed with paintings in mind.This is an artists garden with surprises and joy around every corner tempting the brush to be raced for on a daily basis.

Just thinking about how I can capture theses  flowers with a sense of freedom and simple beauty has been so relaxing. My imagination has run riot as I have set them in so many different compositions with a few against clear blue summer skies. The lightness in some paintings contrasting strongly with the bolder effects in others. Exploring every opportunity to bring a simple flower to life.

Cosmos  sitting against a clear blue summer sky with a hint of a breeze touching the flowers.

Life as an artist is so wonderful.
Nothing, not even the simplest of flowers is able to close the doors to creativity.
But they do open them wide.


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Cristina Dalla Valentina said...

I can really see your cosmos swinging in the wind... it's magical!