Thursday, 1 July 2010

SWA, Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition 2010 Review

"Taking the Lead"
Original Watercolour from the Society for Women Artists Annual Exhibition 2010.

Yesterday saw the Private Preview of the SWA,Society for Women Artists Annual Exhibition and it was absolutely packed. Crowds arrived almsot as soon as teh doors opened and  vistors continued to arrive until the gallery closed last night. At times, as always is the way with a hugely successful event it was impossible to see the art work which did not deter sales as red dot after red dot magically seemed to appear.Obviously the lesson here is if you wish to buy a favourite artists work you need to be quick to manage to do so.

The event was officially opened by HRH Princess Micheal of Kent who graciously and warmly presented the prizes to the very well deserved winners of this years awards.

Walking into the Mall Galleries the initial impression was one of a glorious riot of colour as if an explosion of energy had vibrantly brought the rooms to life. Have you ever visited an exhibition and felt you had seen it all before? Or maybe you were able to predict which artist would be showing what so after a few minutes you felt like leaving? This show is definitely not predictable and full of talent from members and non members.

I adore  visiting galleries on a regular basis and I love all forms of art. But what I most want to see when I go to an exhibition is variety,colour and talent. I want to be impressed while I am there and I want to leave feeling inspired. I want to remember certain favourite pieces once I have returned home. Am I asking too much?

I think not because yesterdays Private Preview delivered on all counts.

Today I  am sitting here seeing amazing portraits in my mind. The distinct style of Caroline De Peyrecave  is breathtaking and  remains in your mind long after you have left the show amongst many other wonderful paintings. The variety of sculpture also takes ones breath away.. Whichever way you turned at the gallery you were immediately hit by yet another fantastic piece of art.

As I walked around I heard so many incredible comments of how the SWA exhibition was like a breath of fresh air in the art world. This is even more amazing in that the history of the society clearly explains how it wasn't so long ago that females were shunned  as artists. Many would exhibit under anonymous names in order to be either accepted or for fear of their identity may be discovered.

Today this amazing society showcases the talents of  women artists who shine in their ability to create,deserve recognition and who in yester year may never have been seen. This thought is quite sobering after the high of  being enthralled second afer second yesterday and wanting to return when the show isn't so crowded where I can savour each piece and enjoy it in my own time..

If you are able to visit the show I strongly recommend it and I hope like myself you leave looking forward to seeing future exhibitions by such a fantastic body of artists.

I am delighted to share the news my painting  entitled " Taking the Lead"  was one of the very first paintings to sell at the exhibition. In my own mind the SWA are doing just that.

Taking the lead and so well too!


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