Saturday, 3 July 2010


 Colour matching to the subject.

Only a few days to go until the launch of my first book and at the moment I feel surprisingly calm. So  much is happening that  finding time to even think about next week is difficult.

I walked into my studio this morning and thought about different sections of my book hoping I have explained how I work  clearly enough. In my workshops it is easy to discuss each stage of a painting and answer questions raised. In the written form  I had time to think more readily about  my style and the steps I take to create a painting.

Following my workshop demonstrations I used to watch as as artists eagerly raced to start painting with neither consideration for their subject taking time to find the most exciting way to capture it in watercolour.Or more importantly taking time to choose the perfect colour  to match what they are painting. Now in my classes I ensure everyone has taken time to consider a few important points first.

Time taken with simple exercises on scraps of paper before attacking the "masterpiece" is so worth while. There is  so much that is valuable in this " thinking before we act " stage of  creating. Imagine painting a daffodil the wrong shade of yellow or a face with the wrong skin tones. Just a few minutes playing with mixes and colour choices beforehand for example can make all the difference to a fantastic and successful result.

In my book I describe a simple warm up exercise to experiment with to help learn about pigment action and colour matching. As I type this I know how quickly I have zoomed over the theory pages in the past of many books I have bought over the years. I have tried to make this section fun, interesting and  to be used as a pre  painting stage to the demonstrations found later on in my book.

Only a few days to go and I will finally hear from those who are reading my words and looking at my paintings. I can't  quite take this in. Still it seems like a dream.

The excitement builds and I think the pre launch nerves should be setting in at any time now!



Lin said...

Ah Jean -- how I wish I could join you at your exciting opening!!! Alas, a trip 'across the pond' is beyond my means and I'll have to eagerly await your book when SAA lets me order it in the fall. But I have so enjoyed your generous sharings at Wet Canvas .. and wish you all the very best with the launch --- I am green with envy for those who can enjoy you and your work next week!

A Brush with Color said...

I can't wait for your book, so I can only imagine how you must feel! The colour matches image here is lovely--and what a good example of your meaning. Hope you're bringing out the bubbly to celebrate. You deserve it.