Thursday, 15 July 2010

Days Gone By : Venice

The Beginning Of Venice
Full Sheet,original Watercolour on Arches paper
First wash of  a favourite scene.

My scenes of Venice are being asked for now constantly purely because of the image on the cover of my book. I visited Venice for the very first time on a very special Wedding Anniversary.The trip came as a complete surprise as I had longed to go there for a very long time to admire the inspirational location for many a masterpiece in the history of art.

I walked around completely enthralled seeing sight after sight that to this day still thrills me and my hand when I try to capture those moments in watercolour.

This morning with a full sheet of paper on my easel I worked on a glorious landscape in hues of vibrant gold aiming for an effect of days gone by. Reminiscent of a time when ladies wore beautiful Venetian costume. Possibly the characters I envisage would be wearing masks on their way to a grand Venetian Ball. My imagination is taking me to a time yet alone a place when all was beautiful and truly romantic. Even the stone statues seem to be telling a story of days gone by. If only they could talk.What tales they could tell..

Statues appearing magically above the golden arches of the facade.

I am in love with Venice
I am returning to my beloved landscapes
And as always I am so in love with golden hues

I cannot wait to finish this painting but I will savour each brushstroke and hold back from racing to the end of this delightful journey into a memory of yesteryear.



jane minter said...

this is looking really exciting jean what is appearing ... my favorite place here.

Sandra said...

I went to venice when I was about fourteen. Such a beautiful place, and so much to see! I also seem to remember that there were also A LOT of pigions! And A LOT of cats! This painting looks like it will be yet another beautiful one! I am very excited because I just had an email from Amazon - My (your) book has been dispatched!