Friday, 30 July 2010

Under the Influence of Masters

New Style Emerging
Jockey from a large scene in a latest painting.  If you look closely other riders are in the background here, just hints of faces appearing.

It was so lovely to meet and talk to a friend yesterday who had been on my workshops a few years ago and listen to how they have watched my journey over the last few years. My style has changed as my confidence and art career has grown.  I see it too.

I have always admired  great masters in watercolour  who over the years have affected who I am, how I want to paint and where I want to be.Great names in watercolour such as  Jean Louis Morelle, Madame Blanche Odin, John Singer Sargent,Ewa Kapinska. These artists have placed a longing in me to improve to their level. A passion that cannot be ignored. I want more from my work than just for a scene that can be recognised. I want the impossible. I want a feeling of life in every brushstroke, emotion behind each face, movement behind  each racing scene and animals that look as though they could be picked up or stroked.
And I want new techniques. I have treid every single one that exists and every idea I  hear about but have come to a point where masking fuild, salt and cling film,all the "gimmicks" now no longer thrill me. I want more. I want my watercolours to have texture and excitement purely from pigment interaction, colour and my brush placements. There are ways to trick the eye into believing a scene is alive and jumping off the paper at you.

Working on a second book really is the biggest motivational boost and reason for me to look  further into exciting exploration. I know that sharing my new findings and journey in watercolour will bring pleasure and joy  to others who like me love holding a brush and working in this incredible medium.

A new style is emerging with a blend of old and new and this really is a very exciting moment in my life.
I cannot wait to start painting today!

My first book " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour " is available on


Roy The Artist said...

...and to that list add Jean Haines! Seriously I know I am starting to sound like a raving fan boy- but its just that you have helped me and others too judging by your book reviews, take a step mentally as well as technically. I think it is a precious spark of something hard to define. A way of thinking as well as looking and applying paint. Good on yer Jean! Heres to a superb future!

Jean Haines SWA said...

Roy I am so thrilled our paths crossed because you have caught that addiction, the buzz from something new and exciting which makes us all want to keep picking up our brushes and achieve what we once thought was unattainable. Here is to a super future for us both and all our artist friends because together we all make this art world so terrific to belong to. Thank you so much for recommending my book, it really is appreciated that you take time to share your enthusiasm, in turn you inspire all around you and for that I am so thankful.