Tuesday, 20 July 2010

"How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour " Book

 " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour"
Book Launch at the Mall Galleries in London, July 2010.

The weeks leading up to my  book launch at the Mall Galleries in London passed by so quickly. With all the excitement of being in such a prestigious  venue for the book signing excitement filled the air in my studio every single time I thought about demonstrating there and meeting everyone who came to the gallery.

Following the launch I then had a variety of art events so it is only now my feet are slightly touching the ground because I am facing even more exciting projects ahead which are keeping my artists soul positively flying. These I am certain I will be sharing in autumn but for now I am reading messages by email and facebook from those who already own my book and are working their way through it. I love all the positive comments  but what is thrilling me most of all is that everyone seems to be taking the introduction and theory side very seriously. Enthusiastic decisions have been made to follow each and every exercise no matter how small it is. From mixing colour,  playing with pigment and water building up to each of the demonstrations that lay at the end of the pages.

I know the portrait included is quite complicated to imagine working on at first minus a preliminary sketch. However in time learning to simply see a subject and how colour can build up each section will act as a guide to some really intriguing results. I am thrilled with the first studies that have been sent to me from reading my book and even more thrilled to hear how excited long established artists are from approaching a new way of painting.

All the nerves now are  disappearing about the launch and being "out there" but I have some amazing  friends to thank. Those I just met and those who have been  in my life for a very long time.Because your faith in how I work and who I am really has helped me in ways you may never fully understand.

Thank you!

I am now working on my next book which I could not have ever been on a level to write without the experience of my first one under my artistic belt. I know where I am going and if you have worked through the simple exercises in book one you will be more than ready to move onwards to very new ideas in the next!

"How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" is available online from Amazon or directly from my publishers, Search Press.

As author of the month an interview is online  via the Search Press web site.


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Mike said...

Hi Jean,
I have ordered my copy via Amazon. Looking forward to it's arrival.
Your DVds are fantastic. You are a great teacher as well as an inspirational and unique artist.
Regards, Mike.