Friday, 30 July 2010

Art Critic Extraordinaire

Bailey, my young Bearded Collie letting me know he isn't impressed with this painting!

I thought it might be interesting to share how I take images of my work. I often stop at stages to record the development of a painting. I also take images of finished paintings. I usually take these images in natural light standing the largest paintings in my garden studying them to see if any further work would make a difference. It is amazing how one small extra brush stroke can either take a painting  to an effect of added excitement or drama  whilst another could completely ruin the piece altogether. Knowing when to stop and put down that brush is a skill that takes time to master.

But taking photographs in the garden or of large paintings holds it own risks. I have two cats that wander in front of  my lens every single I pick it a camera and two dogs that race to be in each shot at every opportunity. Yesterday Bailey, my youngest Bearded Collie decided to get in on the act too. As you can see from the image above he definitely isn't too keen on my latest horse racing scene!

Maybe he felt it just needed something larger in the foreground of the composition!

Bailey fitting into the composition!



onegirlinthetub said...

he is so beautiful. my dog bramble looked just like him! awh, bearded collies always have a special little place in my heart xx

Equine art and more said...

Just finishing a racing painting in acrylics and Googled to see how others handled the subject ! Your has to be my favorite !!
I have an Old English Sheepdog with same attitude

Equine art and more said...

Favorite racing painting ! I have an Old English Sheepdog

Barbara Smock said...

wonderful painting !
I have an Old English Sheepdog with same attitude