Friday, 23 July 2010

Tourists In Venice

"Tourists in Venice"
Original Watercolour by Jean Haines

I am working on a series of large paintings including full sheet and larger for  galleries and exhibitions. It is quite thrilling placing colour across large expanses of white paper. The freedom of space allows room for expressive brushstrokes and also detail on favourite sections.

I loved how the light played on the domes so here I aimed to capture the magic of my visit to Venice. Sun shone on my face and everyone around me seemed so full of life and  vibrant energy  from being in the venue that so many love to visit  

The statues were a sheer joy to play with  in abstract form.

Abstract Statues

But most of all I adored adding the abstract figurative work in the foreground. Bold colours almost making a statement of  tourists stepping into yesteryear , making a difference to a scene  that has been loved  in history  for so long.

Hints of figures via  bold abstract brush marks.

I could paint this scene a million times and never tire of the endless possibilities for even more exciting results.I can completely understand why Venice is an artists favourite and why so many paintings have been created inspired by such incredible beauty.

It is time to start a new piece and take all that I have loved from this piece into the next. I have that " buzz" that all artists feel when they are about to start something incredible.

Life couldn't be better!


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Roy The Artist said...

So good to see your process, and the way you think, Jean. Thanks for sharing.