Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sir Micheal Parkinson : Mcmillan Event 2010

With Sir Micheal Parkinson last night at the Mcmillan Music Event in Hampshire 2010
Donating a painting from my first book to raise funds for Mcmillan Cancer Support.

What a week! I faced last Monday with a successful meeting with an art agent.Then came Wednesday which saw the launch of my first book " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" at the Mall Galleries in London. This was such a memorable day in that I demonstrated during the  book signing whilst the SWA Society for Women Artists exhibition was running. I was thrilled to see red dots appear on my paintings  in the exhibition but at the same time I know I loved the pieces I submitted  and found it hard to part with them.  Then on Friday I was at the " Meet the Artists" event in Kent organized by my amazing publishers , Search Press. I never seem to be in one place for too long at the moment!

So by this weekend I was feeling really as though the last few days had surely been a beautiful dream with so many fantastic  events happening one after the other. Surely these were enough for one small artist to enjoy in a period of just a few days. But last night was the end to a perfect week by meeting the perfect gentleman. I was invited for press coverage to be with Sir Micheal Parkinson who was the compere for a charity event in aid of Mcmillan Cancer support. I have donated a painting every year for the last few events because in my own way felt I was supporting  a charity that does so much for all who are effected by  the "word" many of us dread to hear.


My week has been unbelievable and I am  hoping to find time to write  next week hopefully when I should with any luck be back in my studio rather than racing around to meet wonderful friends,colleagues and associates.

Goodness, I wonder what I will be doing next! 
Watch this space and see!



Helen said...

I'm sure it was a wonderful evening Jean and I hope your gorgeous painting raised lots of money for such a worthwhile charity...not bad meeting Parkie too!!!

Jean Haines SWA said...

Thank you so much Helen, it was a wonderful way to end the most perfect week of my life. Nothing could top how I feel at the moment which is ecstatically happy!