Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Book Launch: Today!

It's finally here.The day I let go of my baby of a first book and leave for its' launch at the Mall Galleries in London. So much has happened that I haven't had time to type about this week. All fantastic news so at the moment I feel slightly numb because  no one should have so many wonderful things happen to them as I am having. I briefly visited a gallery that shows my work yesterday and they asked me how I was feeling.. At the time I felt very choked up because for some reason it's hard to accept that anyone in life has a right to feel so happy. But I do.

I love watercolour so much that to be able to share has always been sheer joy for me.To do this in a book which has been a dream of mine for such a long time is really so incredible. To give via  brushstrokes to the recent charity events via my art helping others has also been so touchingy rewarding.

I strongly believe life is about others not ourselves which makes it even harder to take in today is a day I can enjoy. Maybe that is it, the reason for my emotions. I hold workshops for everyone else and donate paintings for everyone else.Today  probably is my special day but I find it far easier when  the light shines on everyone around me, not me. I think many will understand that feeling.

For now I must  leave for one of the most incredible days of my life and I can't thank  everyone who has helped me in my watercolour journey enough.To all my  incredible friends who I love so much, my own family, my family at the SAA Society for All Artists, the SWA Society of Women Artists for making this possible,the Mall Galleries for hosting my book launch and to my amazing publishers I owe the biggest thank you of all.  The galleries who have supported me along the way and had faith in my art helping me and encouraging me in every step of my jourrney from all over the world. To all I owe a huge thank you for making this dream come true.

But I owe a huge thank you to you too for reading my blog and sharing this magical day with me.

Thank you!

These two words seem so small and inadequate for the warmth and genuine feelings behind them.But they do say  exactly how I feel this morning.



bonne destination said...

You deserve all the accolades you will, undoubtedly, receive today . Congratulations, Jean. Enjoy the day.

Merna said...

Hi Jean I am so pleased for you and you deserve a day just for you. Enjoy it and sorry I can't be there. But see you in October. I will definetly have your book by then.