Saturday, 10 July 2010

Meet The Artists Event with Search Press 2010

With Terry Harrison at the Search Press " Meet The Artists " event yesterday.

You may think after an exciting few weeks with the SWA Society of Women Artists exhibition and my book launch for " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" at the Mall Galleries in London I would now be back to painting in my studio and working but no! Yesterday  I  made my way to a " Meet the Artists " event arranged by my publishers and it was a fantastic occasion.

Celebrating years of successful publishing with a variety of  versatile and talented authors Search Press really did create a  brilliant day  to remember. Many artists were invited out of which  there were ongoing demonstrations during the day. I happily agreed to the invitation to demonstrate and share my techniques.To meet well known authors who have far more experience than I in the literary world was wonderful. Sharing a glass of champagne in sunshine is always a  lovely way to spend a summer day but  having the treat of watching others paint in  all mediums  and in so many styles really was a feast for this artists eye.

To  mention artists I enjoyed in one post on my blog seems unfair as their names could get lost so I am going to add separate entries of some of the paintings and demonstrations I enjoyed during the day. .

It does feel strange being surrounded by artists whose names I have heard of  for so long and now being a part of their world. Strange but very wonderful.

I left with numerous promises to get in touch with agents,artists,galleries and many  more exciting contacts. My future becomes more thrilling  with every single day that passes but now I am even more enthusiastic to work on my second book which really is going to be full of surprises.

Search Press really are an amazing company and I am so thrilled to be under their wings.

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