Sunday, 18 July 2010

Learning To Believe

"A Place in History",
Crowds appearing in the foreground
Small Section of Full Sheet Painting

There is a wonderful word that to me sums up whether someone can paint or not. You may jump to the conclusion I am going to say that the word is talent but you would be wrong. Yes I am aware talent plays a part but I meet many artists of all levels who simply lack confidence. The only thing holding them back from achieving great things is belief. Belief in themselves, belief in their ability and belief in the feeling they could ever be a wonderful artist or even have the right to be so.

As humans, we face so many  facets of our lives with the conviction of knowing in advance we are unable to do them. Even though we haven't even tried or given it our all.. But when we cross a boundary in our minds to where we believe we actually can achieve our lives can change dramatically.  To me it really is just a matter of believing you can paint and well that makes all the difference. The state of mind each time you pick up your brush plays a vital part to your results. .In my workshops I always ask everyone to imagine instead of saying "I can't"  in their minds to please tell themselves  " I can "paint. It does make a difference. Positive thinking really can enrich our lives  in so many ways. And everyone around us  for that matter as we attract positive energy.

From childhood I have always been fascinated by colour. I have always adored art and found reasons to escape to create. Over the years I have studied under some very incredible masters in a variety of mediums. Everyone throughout my life has called me talented. I have often been told I have a gift on so many occasions and yet I have been very doubtful of my ability for such a long time. I demonstrate regularly and in my workshops everyone tells me how much I inspire them and how much they love my work. So why has it taken me so long to believe in myself and  finally come to the conclusion I may just be a credible artist? Because it is far easier to run ourselves down than admit we might, just might actually be good at something. I was asked recently why my work had grown so much in the last twelve months.I have been asked so many times what has changed. My move to a new home and new surroundings? My book?

Writing has really helped me develop. I taught myself more in the  process of turning into an author than I have learned over all the years I have been travelling and studying under some very amazing artists. I studied my own style closely. I learned how I think and "tick". But that isn't what has helped me most of all. 
The truth is I have changed..

I now believe I may be able to paint after all. I may be able to reach my goal and dreams. I also wisely know I  need to learn far more to grow to the level where I feel I want to be. I am not there yet. I may never get there because whenever I get to where I think I want to be there is always somewhere else I want to go! Another mountain to climb, a new adventure, project or possibility.

Will I ever be a great artist? Maybe not in some eyes and maybe yes in others. This is not important though. What matters most is that I am loving every second of my journey and helping other artists on theirs. The fact so many wonderful people have believed in me and still do is helping me grow far more than anything else.

Belief. How important is that word? That small insignifcant word that can make such a huge impact on everything we do.

So to everyone who is following my blog, sending me emails, reading my book, meeting me in workshops, wonderful friends thank you all so much for helping me take each step in this fantastic adventure of being an artist in watercolour.Wherever I am heading I know I have support along the way and whenever I pick up my brush that buzz of excitement of being  able to share what I have created enables my heart to sing and my spirit to soar with each and  every new painting.

I can climb mountains, I can achieve great things, I can cross bridges. Maybe small ones at first though!

Life is good and I believe.

Do you?

"If you can believe all things are possible to him who believeth- Mark 9:23"



Sparrowhawk said...

Great words, 'believing' and 'positive attitude'! I like the blog very much. A lot of philosophy that goes along with the wonderful painting.

WAter colour at its best! Venice paintings...faded images of a long forgotten scene or glimpses from your distant past memory!

Jean Haines SWA said...

Hi there and thank you so much for your reply. I totally agree on positive belief which I know is so hard at times. It's wonderful to see you


Helen said...

What a beautiful blog Jean!!! More power to your brush!!

Mike said...

G'day Jean from Dubbo, Australia.

what a great blog, and a great reminder to us all that, no matter what stage we are in our art development(I am a newbie, and especially new to painting without the safety of the pencil sketch/cage), we should not be daunted by how much learning and practice and experimentation lies ahead. This post is just the perfect reminder to believe in myself as I learn, and to be patient in my development and not be overawed.
I really appreciate your blog, Jean, and going over the older posts on your blog is a very fun and fruitful adventure.
Best regards, please give Bailey a hug and a rub for me. Lacey also loves to lie by my side while I paint. Mike.