Sunday, 25 July 2010

Last Days At Roke Farm

Some time ago I made a comment that I would love to see new born lambs and  have the chance to hold them. A friend told me about an amazing farm that holds open days throughout the year where  visitors can touch and meet a huge variety of farm animals. I went along that Spring but wasn't prepared for what I was about to see. As a keen photographer I caught many images that later became  firm favourites in my workshops for everyone to share and paint. My cockerels most of all led me into an area of my art life that again was not expected.With them I  was accepted into so many exhibitions  including the SWA,Society of Women Artists where I was awarded the Anthony J Lester Art Critic awardin 2009. Since then my cockerels in watercolour have become collectible and are in homes all over the world.

All thanks to an incredible farm that does so much for the community. Sadly Millers Ark is now closing and will be missed by so many.  If you would like to visit for one of the very last open days in its present location please  look at the following link.

 "Coat of Many Colours"
Roke Farm has brought colour to so many lives.

The closing dates are as follows:- 
Thursday 5th, Friday 6th,

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th August

Roke Farm, Near, Odiham in Hampshire.


"We never fully realise how wonderful something is until we are about to lose it"


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