Saturday, 31 July 2010

Catching Up

"Catching Up"

The speed of my brushstrokes played a huge part in the final touches to "Catching Up" my latest horse racing scene which will be in a London Gallery during an exhibition. I will share dates and details of the event at a later time. For now I am having such a fantastic time painting favourite subjects, looking at new ways to capture them and exploring possibilities to achieve even more movement and life in each piece.

I leave for Norway soon for my watercolour workshops there and return to UK for my next "Watercolours With Life"  workshops here which are fully booked. Apart from working on my next book I also have a very exciting exhibition coming up which will include my latest work .

Life is  wonderful and my paintings I hope reflect the joy I feel when holding  my brush. Our moods effect what flows into our work along with our personalities. As a restless spirit who finds it hard to sit still  for a long time or work on one painting at a time I fully understand why horse racing scenes appeal to me. They are full of energy, excitement, movement and life. 

That's me to a T!


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