Thursday, 13 October 2011

Autumn Primroses

Primroses appearing in a first wash.
Cling Film is used  to create texture for leaves in the foreground.

I wandered around my garden again today and am amazed at how many flowers from all seasons seem to be enjoying the Autumn weather this year. I couldn't resist a few paintings of primroses because I know I eagerly wait for them to show their heads in Spring.  I am seeing so many golden leaves so the foreground in this painting will be autumnal. In my woodland I can see these beautiful  lemon flowers peeping through fallen oak leaves that have already turned gold.The colour combinations are incredible and far too good for this artist to miss as an opportunity to move my brushes.

I am very much inspired by the floral work of Madame Blanch Odin and living in France gave me time to admire her passion for watercolour.Whenever I paint flowers she is always on my mind. I doubt I will ever capture their beauty as she did but my aim is to keep trying!


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