Sunday, 9 October 2011

Back In My Studio


Having been away from my studio whilst recovering from flu I had time to  reflect on the chapters and techniques I have recently worked on for my new book.  I find time away from my brushes does not stop my imagination from working. Instead the break tends to add to my enthusaism for when I eventually can return to working.
I knew this morning would not be a brilliant time to paint anything too serious as I still feel quite weak. On days like these I have a file that holds pieces from demonstrations from my previous workshops.  Earlier this year I held a one day event on " How to Paint Dogs in a Loose Style". It was a fabulous and really popular day. During the session we looked at how to paint different breeds and characters and many very well loved pets were used as subjects and the watercolours flowed.

For some reason a white terrier has stayed in my mind. As this all took place  at the beginning of 2011 she obviously has made a huge impact on me! Time has flown since then. 

 From working on the chapters and new techniques in my book I couldn't resist  working on Ruby this morning to see if what I had learned from a certain new idea of mine worked on a dog as a subject. I am so happy to say it did.

I really can't wait for my new book to be released as it holds so many tips on making subjects come to life  with new approaches in working with watercolour. And from reading it I feel as though I have definitely taught myself so much!

I will finish this little terrier next week when I feel fully well again but for this morning she was a wonderful tonic!


To the owner of  "Ruby" who attended my workshop ,thank you so much for the inspirational photograph.  As you can see, I am still very much in love with her !

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