Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Watercolours With Life Autumn Workshop 2011

Soft owl coming to life in a transparent watercolour
Working with brushstrokes,pigment and water to create a feeling of downy feathers and a beautiful eye that feels real

Yesterday saw the first of my Autumn workshops in Hampshire and artists eagerly arrived in the morning for the day ahead. The full group consisted of a varied mix of art levels and were full of the enthusiasm I now expect when I hold a session.

We started the day with an introduction to my techniques and then moved on to painting a variety of subjects, many were fascinating. I closed the session with a painting that could help me cover tips and ways to overcome problems that had been discovered during the working day.

This very soft owl wash was my favourite demonstration as the eye is full of warmth and the fluffy feathers are delightfully appearing  as the colours flow and fade across paper.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended the session. It was a delight to meet artists I have met on facebook, see artists returning who have loved previous workshops and meet new friends. I do hope yesterday was the start of a whole new adventure for one particular gentleman and I have a feeling another is about to fly with their work having grown so quickly in one short day over a gorgeous painting of a kingfisher.

To the wonderful readers of my blog who have let me know they look forward to  seeing new posts daily and miss me when I am away working,this is blog entry is for you!


This week continues with the "Autumn Madness"  workshop that commences this morning and I can't wait as it is such a favourite session of mine. Next year at this time I will be holding workshops in USA which seems such a long way away but I know I am going to meet some very wonderful artists there also!


Artists Tip of the Day

No matter what you are doing or aiming to create, have the confidence in yourself to be able to achieve it. Remove all negative doubts and set out with a positive attitude.That will bring you more success than you can ever imagine as you will be giving yourself permission to succeed rather than accepting a personal decision to fail.


Please check my web site for  availability on my 2012 workshops as I believe only a few places are now left for the whole of next year.

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