Sunday, 16 October 2011

Autumn Confusion

Foxgloves in watercolour and from my garden

With only one week to go to my Autumn workshops I find I am still painting summer flowers from my garden due to the confused weather this year. As the seasons change I often store images of painting from life in my mind  so that the light and bright colours I use in summer stay with me while I paint during the winter months.

I have this feeling I desperately need to paint the last rose of summer before they are all long gone from my garden!

Whatever you are going to paint in the week ahead of you I hope your joy in creating the painting is an all time high and I hope your results hsow just that  fantastic feeling.

We are so lucky to be artists. We see in a unique way and have that inner sense of enthusiasm often lost since childhood.

Happy painting!


To everyone attending my Autumn workshops please bring all your favourite gold shades and be prepared to have fun,work hard and create in a way you may never have thought you were capable of before!

1 comment:

jane minter said...

foxgloves look stunning ...enjoying seeing your flower beds again jean this time appearing on your easel !