Tuesday, 11 October 2011

October Watercolour Challenge 2012

October Watercolour Challenge 2012

Thank you everyone who has sent me wonderful messages letting me know how much you are enjoying the watercolour challenges I am setting on my blog.

I have thought very seriously about this new challenge for October and asked myself what I would gain from most  to stretch my imagination to improve my work.  I know it is vital to have an interesting subject to work from for any of my paintings to be successful. But I  rely on colour and brushstrokes to bring my subjects to life.

In previous challenges the  results have been fantastic but many artists stay very close to the colours given in an original photograph. I asked in a previous blog post if you could imagine Autumn colours without even knowing what your new challenge was going to be.

Well here it is and it is a fabulous strectch for  your imagination and use of watercolour.

Lazy Lion
Photograph taken and with kind permission to be used as this months challenge
by Ryan Haines

The Challenge

I am not looking for a perfect interpretation of this lion. I want to feel his character. Look at his gorgeous face with its imperfections. He has seen life and had many experiences. Your use of the medium should portray this by  thoughtful use of brushstrokes and by textural effects on the fur.

Your task is to.....

Capture Character
 Gain texture. 
Consider your colour choices  wisely.
Leave soft and hard edges.

Tip: Do not copy the photograph exactly Be unique in your composition and result!

Have fun because this is a challenge that you can really get your teeth into!


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