Friday, 14 October 2011

Glorious Autumn 2011

Rudbeckia forming in a golden watercolour wash

It was impossible to ignore the sunshine today and paint flowers again from my garden. This time I fell in love with the huge clumps of Rudbeckia that stand out in the flower beds with their vibrant colours, merging into the surrounding foliage and blossoms. It is hard to believe it isn't mid summer when so much is  to still be enjoyed in the way of gorgeous blossoms and shapes bursting to life giving a wondrous display.

It is difficult not to enjoy painting flowers and there are so many ways to paint the simplest and most complex of formations. I have simply allowed colour to flow to suggest my subject and then chosen which area appeals to me most in the compostion. With so much work on it was really freeing to just relax,let go and paint what I felt like painting!

Rudbeckia flowers taking shape in the composition.


I have many emails to reply to and I am currently working on my latest book which will be out next year.

So much to do and  not enough hours to enjoy painting!


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