Thursday, 20 October 2011

Winner of the September 2011 Watercolour Challenge

Bailey painted by Corinne 
from France

I am delighted to announce the winner of my September 2011 Watercolour Challenge. I looked at many paintings that  were absolutely stunning and many were totally unique. But the one that kept  calling me back time and time again that tugged at my heart strings  was painted by Corinne who comes from the North of France.

Why did I love this panting?

Firstly, when you paint a pet you are not just aiming at  painting a picture.You are aiming to capture the character,emotion and expression  of the animal that would be dearly loved by the owner.

Bailey has an expression when he wants something whether it is my attention, a walk or a goodie.He will sit and stare at me until it is impossible to ignore his  expressive plea. Even though I can't see his eyes his mouth actually gives his mood away. Corinne picked up on the pose perfectly,the  mouth detail is superb but what really takes my breath away is how she has captured the flowing,floppy fur of a Bearded Collie. More than that there is life in this piece. An energy in her brushstrokes that brings my  dog to amazingly seem as though he really is on the paper as an animal full of life,not just a painted composition.
Congratulations Corinne! I am thrilled and in love with your painting! 

I must confess out of so many entries for September being the winner really is a huge accomplishment.  I will be sending you the prize and contact you by email.

To everyone who sent me paintings,thank you so much. One thing these challenges have shown me is  just how much my blog is enjoyed.And even more importantly I feel closer to the artists  who read it by the personal communication through replies and paintings sent to me.

I look forward to sending the next prize of one of my palettes for the October 2011 Challenge.

For now congratulations again Corinne and I hope everyone reading my blog loves your work as much as I do.



Maria's Watercolor said...

Love the looseness of this painting, it appears so effortless!

Life of Brian said...

Congratulations to Corinne. Agree with all your observations Jean. Fantastic painting and so full of character.

AnAis said...

Love love and love it!
What a sweet expression! :)
Congratulations, Corinne!

Thanks for sharing, Jean ;-)

corinne60 said...

mille mercis à vous pour vos gentils commentaires..........