Monday, 3 October 2011

October 2011 Watercolour Challenge?

Colours of Autumn.

Please don't panic! I am NOT asking you to paint this photograph!

In April 2012,  I am holding my first two day "Motivational Masterclass" which involves preparation by the group before the workshop takes place. Over the evening meal on day one I will be meeting the artists attending and enjoying the time together away from our easels.

Before I  give you the subject for the October Challenge I would like you to do a little warm up exercise. Without even knowing what you are going to paint I would like you to think of glowing Autumn colours. Decide which are your favourite shades to work witjh to create a very warm result. You will need at least three strong favourites.

Now use them on a scrap of paper and get some wonderful texture results.

By the time I add the photograph here you should be raring to go and the subject is fantastic!

Homework set.

One more rule.

Have fun warming up!



Lisa Argentieri said...

I love your enthusiasm Jean! thank you for being such a giving artist.

Life of Brian said...

Love that photograph Jean. It looks very much like one of your paintings.

Katrina said...

You have peaked my curiousity. I am playing with my 3 strong colors with reckless abandon.