Saturday, 8 October 2011


I am so sorry to be  so quiet on my blog. I have been hit by a rather awful strain of flu which has really knocked me sideways. But I am so lucky.  Earlier this week I needed to ensure all the artwork for my new book was complete and forwarded to my publishers.So on Wednesday a courier collected  all my paintings and left to head for the  photography studio where they would be filmed.

I didn't feel well that morning and as the day continued I began to feel feverish . Things gradually became worse by Thursday.  I very rarely give in to any form of illness,in fact I can't even remember the last time I even had a cold as I am always so healthy. My liftestyle lends itself to being well.

 I haven't felt like or up to being online. My own computer is in my studio and all the Bailey Challenge paintings are on it.This has been a real worry to me this last few days as I am eager to share the favourite paintings  on my blog but I have been unable to get to them.

Things are improving so the challenge posts will be up soon.

I am so sorry for the delay.

I read my own last post of  " Injections of Positivity" and had to smile. Even having flu is a "positive" because no matter how awful it is or how badly it effects you someone,somewhere would give aanything to "only" have the flu. And if this had happened in a few weeks time when I will be hosting my Autumn workshops I would have had to let many artists down as I feel so weak.

I am very lucky.

I will be posting again very soon and I am very sorry not to be posting.



corinne60 said...

hoping you'll be better soon...............

Lana said...

I'm so sorry you have been ill ~
feel better soon! :)

Sharon Rogers said...

So sorry you have been ill, hope you are back to your usual vibrant self soon - and dont do too much too soon. best wishes,

Carol Blackburn said...

Hope you feel better soon. I came down with something myself yesterday but think it's just a cold. My supervisor had offered me the flu shot which I declined because they always make me sick. It's ironic because if I had taken the shot I would have blamed it for this sickness. LOL Now I have nothing to blame for it but life. Lots of chicken soup should do the trick! Blessings!

Ray said...

Get well soon and good luck with the book.


Sophia Khan said...

Dear Jean,

I have been quietly enjoying your blog for some time now (we have been in touch regarding your USA workshops) and just had to write upon reading this post. I wanted to tell you what a source of encouragement and inspiration you are and how incredibly optimistic you are to be able to see the positive in any given situation, as now when you are recovering from your flu. I do send you my well wishes and know you will be better soon spreading the joy through your brushes:))
Peace and be well. Sophia

bonne destination said...

Hello Jean,

Glad to hear that you are on the mend. Don't worry about posting to your blog - we are just glad whenever you post.

Looking forward to buying your next book!

Best Wishes,