Monday, 31 October 2011

About Those Washes?

A small demonstration piece from last week looking at how to create gorgeous colour effects from a simple first wash.  This will be  a doddle to turn into a juicy berry painting.

This is a little reminder to all the artists who came on my workshops last week. How many of you have continued to practise the exciting and varied washes I demonstrated?

At the side of our long drive there is the most amazing  large holly tree that is fully laden with very heavy berries at the moment. Last year birds swooped and devoured the lot before I could paint any so by this time next week I hope I will have had a chance to pant a few holly sprigs  before they all disappear!

Please keep practising and please keep moving those brushes. Make using them fun and  consider which colours can make a more vibrant result!


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James said...

Hello Jean

Thank you for commenting on my blog by the way - I'm really glad you enjoy reading my posts - It's encouraging to know that they are of interest to others.

I may need to visit more often when I get on to the painting section. Never been that happy using W-C (any advice for a beginner who prefers oils?)