Sunday, 30 October 2011

Whispering Angel

"Whispering Angel"
New floral Hydrangea watercolour taking shape in its early stages of development.

Having picked several bouquets of flowers from my garden this morning to decorate my cottage I couldn't resist taking time out to enjoy painting a few favourite floral subjects this afternoon. Last year I purchased a gorgeous, snow white hydrangea for one of the flower beds and I am delighted  to see the blooms still appearing despite the cooler Autumn weather.

I took a spray into my workshops this week and it came as no surprise that artists attending fell in love with the shape of the large flower head and clusters of blossoms within its form.  It has stayed in my mind  and I have really looked forward to painting it further.

Tomorrow I can see a larger painting of the same subject and this leaves me looking forward to a new day and exciting new week full of fabulous watercolours!

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Marie Theron said...

A wonderful flower and How nice that they are growing right there, Jean! It does form an angel here in your delightful painting!