Friday, 14 October 2011

Madame Blanche Odin

Grape Hyacinth Flowers in a simple watercolour wash.

I mentioned in a previous blog post how much artist, Madame Blanche Odin, had influenced my work whilst I lived in France. I have met many wonderful floral artists but this particular artist stole my heart in a way that no other can. She caught more than just the image of the flower in her work.

You knew she loved roses when you saw her paintings of them.vI have yet to see wall flowers or delphiniums painted in such a quality that made you feel you were seeing the real flower.

I was surrounded by villages at that time which held weekly markets and there were always glorious flowers stalls amongst them selling vibrant arrays of colour that took your breath away.As a botanical artist originally I couldn't resist the subjects that faced me each day and my passion for painting flowers grew continually. It does to this day.

So whenever I take a break from writing or painting of my many other subjects you will always see me revert to painting what tugs at my heart.


And many of them!

You can read my original post about Madame Blanche Odin via this link.

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