Saturday, 22 October 2011

Sold! "Lucky" sale.


Autumn Exhibition at The Frame Gallery
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I try to avoid selling paintings before an exhibition opens. I have received emails in the past asking about certain pieces and collectors have wanted to reserve favourites.

Yesterday I met a wonderful lady at the gallery when I delivered my work for next weeks show. The owner and I were discussing the character of the hare painting which stood proudly on an easel at the entrance. We both loved it and it had that wonderful keen eye that hares possess. It had only just been unwrapped from having been framed and it looked wonderful.

Sometimes when you are asked about a piece you just know as an artist your painting has found the right owner or home and this was one of those occasions. Last night the buyer contacted me explaining they would like to own the pair of paintings. I agree,they do look wonderful together.

So " Lucky" has now been sold. In the circumstances I know there was a reason to yesterday taking place and the sales. To the buyer who may be reading my blog, I hope last night wasn't too painful and I wish you all the happiness and good luck with the blessings that come with these paintings. There are many!

Three paintings have now been asked for before we officially open the show and my Autumn pieces will be revealed as from today. If you are passing Odiham or are interested in my work  please visit the gallery early. 

Things really do move at a fast pace with this particular collection!

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