Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Painting For All Seasons

 It is amazing. I walked around my garden this morning and absolutely every flower you can think of is in bloom.  It seems as if the seasons are very confused. Summer roses are in full flourish. Spring primroses are happily showing  in pale yellow clusters.  Lupins are standing tall next to  autumn michealmas daisies.  Sweet peas  make a splash of colour  against late flowering rudbeckia. So I am loving painting as many floral compositions as possible while I still have the chance before Winter takes over. It is now October and I was painting gorgeous Autumn scenes, but the summer flowers look so beautiful in this heavenly  "Fall" light. They have a whole new effect on how I wish to paint them.

Foxgloves seem to have made a decision to bloom again  in our woodland. At the beginning of the Summer their surroundings were far brighter.Now the trees seem quite dense as a backdrop so I am choosing far darker pigment to portray their shapes and loving every second of doing so!

Foxgloves appearing from a negative first wash.
Cling Film will form the leaves.

I can't wait to finish this piece!


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