Saturday, 22 October 2011

La Danza

 La Danza

Autumn Exhibition

I will be sharing paintings from my Autumn Exhibition at the Frame Gallery in Odiham on my blog from time to time. This  Flamenco dancer I loved from the minute I saw her in my imagination to the second my brush first touched the paper when I created her.
There is a fabulously magical flow of colour in this watercolour and the sense of movement is very strong. It is in an unusual frame that seems to harmonise with the design of the dress.The minute I saw the painting as the wrapping from the framers was removed I knew I could happily keep it!

I also know, no matter how many times I may try the magic in this watercolour cannot be repeated.

The heat of the dance,the passion in the movements taught from childhood to the experienced dancer. This to me captures the mood and atmosphere that I have felt when watching Flamenco dancers in Spain. I can hear the music and sound of feet tapping the floor, those watching are spellbound by the swirl of the skirt. So much can be said by a painting, far more than  just what we see with our eyes.

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yelpazesu said...

çok güzel olmuş,bayıldım,elinize sağlık..sevgiler..

Peggy Moore said...

this painting has such energy entwined with a soft warm sexy feeling. it is wonderful and elusive. I truly enjoy your blog.

I live in the US and enjoy watercolors,
I would like to acquire a copy of your book as I am trying to become a more spontaneous painter, could you let me know how to purchase. Thank you

Life of Brian said...

A wonderful depiction of a flamenco dancer Jean. It's all there! So graceful. Thanks for sharing this with us.