Sunday, 16 October 2011

Autumn Splendour

Autumn Splendour

Today I put my paintings together to be delivered to The Frame Gallery in Odiham next week. Autumn Splendour is part of an autumnal series and as the light was wonderful this afternoon I thoroughly enjoyed adding the berries and seeing how the light hit each one.

Working from life is so much more rewarding than working from photographs and I think in this piece my lightness of mood showed too!


Thank you to the caring artist who sent me an email letting me know my work has been copied. A painting of a cockerel in the exact pose and a " version" of my horse racing scene with a few alterations  is being shared by the copying artist and passed off as their own creation. Changing a few colours doesn't always detract from the fact the work has already been seen. The sad thing is with the internet making the world a far smaller place trying to pass off someone elses work as your own only puts you in a very bad light.

To the artist who has blatantly copied my work, you've been found out!

And to the artist who contacted me,thank you so much. 

Copying to learn is a wonderful way to grow. But when you make a decision to not only copy  someone elses ideas as well as pretend you came up with them be prepared to be questioned in not only your ability as an artist but your honesty too.  Sadly once you gain a bad reputation as someone who lies about their art it tends to stick with you!


Brotesdeternura said...

I love this painting. The way you slide the brushes attached to your special way of handling colors is "unique." The magic you put into each painting is impossible to reproduce by another person. Grace

Life of Brian said...

Hello Jean. I'd just like to let you know that I think that it is very wrong for an artist to try and cash in on your painting in this way. I have been very much influenced by your work in the ten months that I have been working in watercolour, but I would never attempt to sell any of that work as my own brand. I left a message on PMP saying the same thing and also saying that I hope this doesn't stop you from encouraging artists to work in a loose style.

jill polsby said...

Found your blog today through a friend of mine, teacher Peggy Reid here in the United States. Another blogging painter had just realized that her blog, with every single painting, had been copied by a man in permission given needless to say. Google shut the guy's blog down but it's a horrible thought that your gorgeous paintings are simply being copied by the "asian" schools and sold. I'm sorry it happened to you.