Saturday, 29 October 2011

Autumn Workshops

Owl,part of a demonstration for this weeks workshops

It struck me just how lucky I am this week when each day my workshop sessions were filled with the most enthusaistic and wonderful artists anyone could ever wish to meet. I don't know whether it's the style or medium that draws people to these groups that are so pleasant to be with but I have had the most glorious of weeks.

I am going to confess I wasn't feeling too great at the beginning of last week as a health problem arose that was completely unexpected, but I knew I couldn't let anyone down. So after begging the Doctor for pain killers I managed to smile,laugh out loud for most of the time and continue to be amazed at the talent in the room each day.

I feel energised,exhilarated and eager to move my brushes next week after I have caught up on my business emails and administration.
Thank you so much to everyone who came this week and added to the fantastic watercolour days.

Happy painting!


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