Friday, 21 October 2011

Sold! Show opens on Monday.

"Hip Hare"
Almost finished

I knew today was going to be really busy. I had to deliver work to The Frame Gallery in Odiham for my new Autumn show which will opens officially on Monday although it is in the process of being hung at the moment. Larger paintings will arrive there later today.

Smile 1.
 I love making people around me smile  and I am having such an exceptionally brilliant week.So after delivering my work this morning I decided to give Jan,the owner of the gallery a surprise with a bouquet of flowers.  A quick visit to the florist meant a fleeting return to the gallery to give my gift of flowers to the wonderfully surprisd face of the owner there. In this very short time a visitor was already admiring one of my paintings that had only just been unwrapped. I left feeling really happy that my work was being enjoyed.

Smile 2.
 I have two wonderful young men working on my studio this week so decided to quickly pop into a fabulous shop to treat them to some gorgeous cake for their break. They deserve it. While there felt a tap on my shoulder. Jan  from the gallery asked me if I would mind selling one of my pieces before the show opened next week. When I heard the circumstances I could only say yes.

Smile 3.
And so there will be one less painting in my exhibition but  this one will be going to a very good home of someone who absolutely fell in love with it. 

I do hope I have a collection  left to view by next week!

I think the record that still needs to be broken is of the time I left a painting to be framed and recieved a call on my mobile asking me if it could be sold immediately as a gallery client had seen it before it had even reached a gallery wall.

If you are intending to visit The Frame Gallery in Odiham please make it early next week, things happen there very fast!


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Julie (O-kami) said...

I love this hare. Such a simple subject that you have given so much life.