Monday, 3 October 2011

September Watercolour Challenge 2011

                                                                 "Taking a Nap!"

I will be adding the  September 2011 Challenge paintings of Bailey to my blog  this weekend because this week is the deadline for all my own new paintings to be completed for my new book.They will leave my studio by courier to be delivered to my publishers on Thursday morning. After that  the final text and design discussions will take place. It is a very special time in the journey of creating a new publication. I am aware decisions I mak t his week are final so I do need to focus 100%.

Apart from working on my book I was  taken in by the number of submissions of Bailey paintings for the September challenge and the very high standard of each. There was not one painting I could instantly dismiss from selection as they were all  interesting in use of colour and brushwork. Many are unqiue with a strong sense of Baileys character in the gorgeous collections so its taking me longer to choose favourites!

I will be setting a new October  watercolour challenge on this weekend but one with a difference!


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