Sunday, 30 October 2011

Time to Reflect

A Spanish Dancer coming to life  in my " All Fired Up " Workshop which took place this week.
The first placement of colour and brushstrokes indicated where she would  appear. Gradually the first signs of a figure moving came into sight. It was a magical moment.

At the beginning of last week I was looking forward to my Autumn workshops and knew everyone attending had been really eager for their date to arrive so that we could all enjoy painting and trying out new ideas. I can't believe how quickly the week has disappeared. Time surely does fly when you are having fun!

Each day I "dressed" the room before the worshops to set the mood,  gave thought to the subjects we would be painting and sourced the materials I needed for the session. I covered my equipment and explained how I see things at each introductory opening to the one day workshops. Then gave demonstrations  to show how I begin and build up a painting. Each is unique and is intended to be so.
On Thursday I stood in front of my easel and began to paint a Flamenco dancer. I started with a small amount of colour for her head, added her dress and worked downwards towards the full skirt that would be swirling as she danced. There was complete and utter silence behind me as the artists in the workshop watched each brushstroke and placement of colour.

I understand when an artist has a preliminary sketch to paint and fill with colour it is easier for those watching and learning to see where the  demonstration is going. However when I work a simple  touch of colour means absolutely nothing to the viewer without some hint of what is about to occur. It is such an amazing experience when finally the audience watching you can see exactly what the subject is as it begins to appear. Often this happens as if by magic from soft colour runs or beautiful pigment fusions.

The  theme for Thursday was "All Fired Up" and it certainly left me eager to paint non stop when I returned to my studio.The problem is I can't see to find the "off switch" having turned the "on switch" on so enthusiastically!

At one point in the day I laughingly turned around and said I was checking to see if everyone was still awake as the room was so quiet. But I was met with a sea of faces all mesmerised by what was happening on my easel. Only now has it hit me how much fun painting in this way really is. I try to share what I see in my head when I am moving my brush. But physically demonstrating how I think as an artist and build up a creation is the most wonderful of feelings.  Especially when the room is full of enthusiastic artists as this weeks sessions were every single day.

My new book which will be launched next year gives wonderful insights into why working without a pencil sketch can be so addictive,it shows how I freely  approach many subjects and it introduces many techniques including new ways to work in watercolour. I will be on pins until its release but I do hope you like it because if you love the idea of working in a loose style you are going to fall in love with this publication!

And hopefully you will be " All Fired Up" addictively also!


Workshops 2012

I am afraid all my workshops in UK are now fully booked but a few waiting lists are open should any unexpected cancellations occur.

I have a few places available in April for a Motivational Masterclass.

I will be in USA in Autumn 2012 and I hope to share details of these workshops soon.

My 2012 Art Society demonstration calender is also full but I will consider contacts and bookings for 2013.


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