Sunday 7 October 2012

Fennel Seeds 2012

Fennel Seeds in Misty Morning Light

There is something  exquisitely magical about waking to a misty morning where everything is softened in a rural landscape. It is almost like having an art lesson from mother nature as she takes away half of each subject. So that we really can see a loose painting come to life right in front of our eyes without even thinking about it.

In our garden I have enjoyed tall fennel plants towering above all the vibrant summer flowers. Its' structural shape has been tempting my brushes continually but until now I hadn't had time to paint them. I woke this morning determined to pack for my trip to USA and found it impossible to resist the urge to move my brushes. I truly am a watercolour addict!

I am delighted with the result as it is just what I saw in my mind before I started creating. Some of the seedheads are now incomplete due to the timing of the season. The imperfect sections make the more perfect sections look  even better.  Isn't that just like a successful watercolour painting? There will always be a favourite section that you love in your work but it is often only standing out because of the backdrop you have provided.  In life they say nothing is perfect and I agree. A few imperfections add to beauty not detract from it.

I am desperate to paint a huge fennel seed painting now but that should wait until I have at least started packing for my trip to USA which starts this week!

Have a wonderful weekend,



To the follower who has left several replies to my blog, all beautifully written but not disguising the fact that they are adverts, please understand that I don't publish anything related to selling here unless I am endorsing a product or helping fellow artists personally. Thank you!

Saturday 6 October 2012

Charity Painting 2012

Nude painting for a charity auction in November 2012

 I am currently working on my painting for a charity auction which will take place in Novembe in aid of the Judi Meadows Memorial Fund. I was invited to donate a painting when the first  auction took place and feel honoured to be included for the new event.

Such a lot has happened since the Judi Meadows Memorial Fund was first created, in my own life and with the charity. I am so proud of Amy, Judis daughter who is achieving so much in loving memory of her mother in a way that will positively help others.

People come into our lives and leave lasting impressions. I lost my closest friend some years ago to illness and her daughter, Jo, and I have been in touch since that emotional time. Jo is a very special girl in my eyes and always has been. Jo introduced me to Amy and I heard about Amys sad loss.

So my painting is in memory of a wonderful woman who should be here today, who should be  enjoying her grandchildren and life. So many people leave this world far too early to illness but for some staying here is too difficult.  If there is a way to reach out and make a difference then I really want to help.

I will post more information as soon as I can but for now above is the almost finsihed painting I will be donating. A piece I need to complete before I leave for  USA.


Tuesday 2 October 2012

2013 Watercolour Workshops , UK

2013 Watercolour Workshops 

Here they are! The dates of my 2013 Watercolour Workshops which will take place in April, May and July next year, along with the full information for each session. As always an email was sent to everyone on my contact list and the response was overwhelming!  This means some of the workshops are already full so if you would like to book a place on any of the following sessions  or recieve the 2014 in advance please contact Christine who handles my workshop bookings.  

PLEASE NOTE : Christine will be away from 6th – 13th October with no e-mail contact so if you are keen to book a place on one of my workshops next year please don’t wait too long! 

APRIL 2013
2/3/4/5th April and  10/11/12th April

Week 1.

2nd  April Inspirational Watercolours  £115
An injection of sheer enthusiasm creating watercolours covering many subjects, that burst with life and energy. Vibrant colour combinations and exciting techniques will be involved  in this memorable day to remain with you long after the session has ended.  A full material list will be forwarded prior to the workshop.

3rd  April  More Than Watercolour.  £115
This workshop is designed for artists who want  more than learning how to paint in the medium. This is an exploration session with a goal of discovering ways to use colour and technique  with a variety of subjects and also to look at how to move forward in your art.

4th April  Sensational Flowers of Spring  £115
This is not just a workshop on how to paint flowers as we will be looking at fabulous compositions to capture the energy of the season. Seasonal flowers to work from life will be provided, plus ideas on how to paint floral watercolours capturing the essence of each subject with unique results. A list of Spring shades will be provided as an opportunity to expand your palette from the usual favourites!

5th April Opening Doors  £115 Only for those who have NEVER attended a workshop with Jean before!
This is a workshop for artists who have never attended a "Jean Haines" workshop . Jeans sessions have now become so popular with many artists returning time and time again so this session has been created to open doors and allow places for new artists to attend. All subjects will be covered and we will be looking at a variety of techniques!

 Week 2.

10th April  Spring Fever Not to be missed! £115
This is a brilliant session wakening the senses to not only improve your watercolours but the way you feel about painting. As a tutor I want to be on this class to enjoy it with you. It is a firm favourite that is looked forward to every year!

11th/12th  April  Fur and Feathers  £235
A long awaited two day workshop looking at how to paint anything with fur and feathers in ways that  really do bring the subject to life.  A favourite workshop that always sells out fast!

MAY 28/29/30th

28th May Opening Doors  £115 Only for those who have NEVER attended a workshop with Jean before!
This is a workshop for artists who have never attended a "Jean Haines" workshop before. Jeans sessions have now become so popular with many artists returning time and time again so this session has been created to open doors and allow places for new artists to attend. All subjects will be covered and we will be looking at a variety of exciting techniques during the one day workshop. A great introduction to the newcomer to workshops by this popular artist enabling you to be in a room full of people also attending for the first time.

29th  May If It Moves, Paint It!   NEW ! £115
All moving subjects from people, animals and more. The very opposite to still life! A fun session where everyone attending is encouraged to gain the illusion of movement in their results.  Designed to open your imagination as a fascinating session.

30th  May  The Artist in You . £120
What do you want as an artist? To improve your watercolours or move forward in your career? This is a very different workshop in that it is geared to each individuals needs for the coming year from their art. Intended  to be highly motivational and inspirational on many levels.

JULY 23/24/25/26th

23rd July Atmospheric Watercolours. £115
The favourite  workshop of all favourites, Painting all subjects to gain results full of atmosphere. Covering a wide variety of subjects.

24th July Summer Buzz   NEW!  £115
There is always at least one new fun workshop to look forward to each year. This is it! Full on with blasts of warm colour leading to exciting results on favourite summer subjects. Beach scenes, holiday destinations in the sun. Landscapes to die for and more.

25th July  Animals Only  £125
A wonderful day painting animals from all over the world. An enjoyable experience looking at how to paint subjects that touch emotions and capture character. This one day workshop is bound to sell out fast so please book early if you are interested!

26th July Unwind With Watercolour NEW! £115
Whenever anyone attends Jeans workshops they always leave feeling inspired but this session is aimed to keep that feeling going until Winter arrives so expect the unexpected! Open your eyes to new approaches on new subjects that will have you racing for your brushes  long after you leave the session. Forget stress when creating and relax on a painting day paced  for peaceful creation.


Set in Hampshire .near wonderful places to visit such as Jane Austens home in Chawton and Stratfield Saye where the Duke of Wellington resided. Surrounded by great pubs and English countryside,a wonderful way to meet artist friends,improve technique and share a memorable few days!


Monday 1 October 2012

Texas 2012, USA 2013

Helio Turquoise
A colour " blob" purely to show one of the colours I use from my current palette.

Today has been really busy.Mondays usually are but when I look back at all I have achieved since this morning I feel quite elated. Firstly I tackled my emails. I heard from my publisher that my latest book "Atmospheric Watercolours" is currently out of stock but as it had already gone for reprint it should be available from later this week. This is good news as I had unexpectedly sold out of all of my own stock last week. I also discussed my demonstration date at Patchings next year. I had so much fun there this summer so plan to stay over and enjoy the venue for longer in 2013. Next I had a fantastic message from Italy inviting me to hold a workshop there, which could be in line with my latest book being available in Italian which is also very exciting news. I would love to demonstrate in Italy as I adore the country, people and food, not to mention the Italian wine.

I contacted Christine who handles my UK workshop bookings to hear that she has been inundated with requests for places on my sessions next year. I have a limited number of workshops every year and as my studio time is so important to me, to explore and enjoy my own art, they seem to be fewer in number. But I hope to pass on my techniques in really memorable days next year. In workshops that will never be forgotten by all who attend. Please book early if you have recieved the list of 2013 dates and if you haven't please subscribe to my email list as that is the only way to gain the news early of what is available. Contact me on

I then worked with my USA contacts on my  upcoming tour this month which is  now getting really exciting. I will be flying to Dallas ,teaching in Texas and then flying to Long Island in New York for another exciting workshop and terrific evening art event there. I will be signing books and meeting artists from all over USA so I am thrilled. Emails have been flying back and forth with my itinery and even though I am trying to keep two feet firmly on the ground, my mind keeps wandering to my trip. Even when I tried to simply paint a colour blob to show a friend the Helio Turquoise shade I am now using it turned into a cowboys profile! By the way I am working on my Autumn 2013 programme of art events and travels with invitations from USA and Canada so if you are interested in a booking please get in touch via your own art society to see if you can be a part of next years tour.

I have been in touch with Dedham Hall for my watercolour course there next year  and know there are only a few places now left, so again.please book early if you are interested!

I have many invitations to demonstrate or hold workshops for art societies to still reply to so please bear with me as so much is going on in my life that if I don't take time out to actually paint I would be on my computer all day! 

My passion is moving my brush and always will be so everything else really does have to work around that deep love for watercolour. A love that I adore sharing when time allows.

Now back to painting!

Dancing in Sunshine 2012

Flowers coming to life dancing across white paper.

While I was teaching  my watercolour course at Dedham Hall I noticed some gorgeous bright yellow flowers on very tall stems, almost dancing in the sunshine. One artist asked how I would approach painting them as a subject and so I gave a small demonstration to show my way of working. Basically I wanted to capture a feeling of sunshine.

Today in my garden I have painted  vibrant yellow rudbeckia that are also on very tall stems standing above all the other flowers in the same flower bed. They look proud, majestic and almost as if they are wearing bright skirtst which move with the aternoon breeze.

I felt so relaxed painting this piece and allowed the colour to work almost on its' own to bring my subjects to life with as much light as I could gain within the composition. Although it needs further detail, as it is drying it looks as though it could be left alone as a painting.It works beautifully making me smile and feel the last of the summers rays on my shoulders.

Don't forget whatever season you are painting, it is short lived so make the most of every day and paint what you can when you can!


Please note my 2013 UK workshop information has now been sent to everyone on my contact list so if you have been in touch you should by now have recieved full details. If not please email me again on

I will be publishing the workshop information on Wednesday of this week once my email waiting list has been notified and had a chance to book. Please email me if you would like to be on the workshop email list.