Tuesday 21 June 2011

June Schedule 2011

Colour My World

 Watercolour Magic as pigments interact

While working on my second book I have found myself gradually disappearing from the outisde world as I become increasingly engrossed with my exploration into watercolour as a medium. I have spent so much time researching what is already out there in the literary world on how to paint in watercolour. There is just about every book available on every subject and how to paint it. But  by  my own experiements I am finding everything has definitely notr yet been discovered.There are wonderful new ways to work  in this magical medium that as yet have not been recorded or shared. I am having an absolute blast with my new findings but it is making me incredibly anti-social!. So it is very good timing that a friend has arrived from Hong Kong this week and I will be escaping from my studio. For a while at least!
I will also be escaping next week as it  will be the opening of the SWA Society for Women Artist 150th Exhibition. I will be working at the gallery helping to prepare for the show on the Tuesday and attending a charity evening at the gallery that night. I will then be at the Private Preview the following day when I will be presented with the council to Princess Micheal Of Kent at the opening of the exhibition. The day after will see me at the venue yet again for the Lady Taverners Charity night. It's going to be a very busy week!

What I am really looking forward to is the following week when I will be demonstrating at the Mall Galleries. I have prepared a really exciting programme for the day so please come along on 7th July and say "Hi".  As my workshops are fully booked this year  this is a great opportunity to see me in action, share my passion for  working in watercolour and hopefully leave feeling totally inspired and desperate to pick up your brushes!

For those wonderful followers who are letting me know they are eager to see my second book I have a feature coming up in the August issue of  " The Artist Magazine" , one I thoroughly enjoyed writing having been invited  to share a feature some time ago. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Jean Haines and Tom Jones?

"Flying Colours"
Original Watercolour
To be auctioned at the Mall Galleries on 30th June,2011
In Aid of the Lady Taverners

My favourite painting " Flying Colours" will be  part of a unique auction lot at a charity event  in aid of the Lady Taverners next week. Initially I had the idea to unite both societies for a fabulous evening to raise funds for  very special children. My idea was to  hold the event during the SWA Society for Women Artists  150th Annual Exhibition with a unique auction taking place and live portraits being carried out  for guests to enjoy.

The unusual auction will see art generously donated by SWA members linked to theme prizes as auction lots. One of my horse racing paintings will be linked with a real day at the races. I owe very special heartfelt thanks to two very wonderful sponsors as my auction lot will now exist of "Flying Colours" my original watercolour , a flight in a private plane to the races at Newmarket where a special day to remember will be laid on for the lucky winning bidders. Apart from  that an exclusive boutique has donated a gift voucher which will help towards a new outfit for the day.  Following all of this  two  tickets to see Tom Jones in concert at the venue after the races are included!

Angela Rippon will be sitting for a portrait during the night,champagne and canapes will be  available and tickets for all of this are just £20!

Full details can be seen on the SWA Society for Women Artists web site and if you need help purchasing tickets please contact me on jeanhaines@hotmail.com

Mall Galleries Demonstration : 7th July 2011

SWA, Society for Women Artists 150th Annual Exhibition
Watercolour demonstration by Jean Haines SWA
Mall Galleries, London.
Thursday 7th July, 2011

I will be demonstrating my watercolour techniques covering a wide variety of subjects at the Mall Galleries in London on Thursday 7th July,2011. Whilst I will be there all day I will be holding two main demonstrations during the morning and afternoon.

11.0 a.m. "Watercolours With Life" An introduction to my work, painting without a preliminary sketch,choice of colours to make subjects sing with life and fascinating techniques to enable the ordinary to become extraordinary.

2.00 p.m.  "Amazing Ways With Watercolour" A look at some of the subjects in my best selling DVD from Town House Films of the same name.

3.00 p.m  "Meet the Artist, Question Time". If you have any questions you would like  to ask me or if there is any way I can help you please come along,introduce yourself and I will be happy to meet you.


I have been asked many questions regardingmy demonstrations at the Mall Galleries so firstly I need to emphasise that EVERYONE is welcome! Please come along and enjoy the demonstrations in a fantastic gallery surrounded by amazing art  during the SWA 150th Annual Exhibition. I am aiming to make this a day to remember and would love you to join me for my return to the Mall Galleries as a demonstrating artist.

The fee is only the entrance admission to the gallery.

You DON'T have to book! Just turn up and have a great time.


Watercolour Workshops 2011/2012

Sadly I have to announce that my workshops are all fully booked for this year. In fact there is now no room on the waiting lists for  sessions as the demand for places has been over whelming. Dates for 2012 will be released in the  Autumn of this year so please don't give up. Contact me as soon as possible so that you can be contacted when news  of the dates are released. There will be a full programme of exciting new sessions next year and I have promised to repeat the popular " Beat the Blues " session for those who missed it this year.

Gallery News

Gallery announcements can be viewed on my web site which is up to date with current news and activities.


The Artist Magazine

Don't miss my fabulous new feature in the August issue of the Artist magazine which is available from 26th July!


Friday 17 June 2011

Peter Hedley Gallery, Wareham, Dorset

Peter Hedley Gallery
Wareham, Dorset

"Watching the World"
As seen in my DVD  " Amazing Ways With Watercolour  "

Yesterday the heavens opened as I  started  my journey to Wareham in Dorset to deliver new work to the Peter Hedley Gallery. I first started showing  at the gallery following an invitation by Peter to be included in an exclusive SWA,Society for Women Artists exhibition at his gallery in the Autumn of 2009. I had just won the Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award during that years SWA Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London for a collection of cockerel painting. This collection gained my immediate associate membership of the society.

I happily accepted to be one  of the artists in the SWA show and took the required number of paintings along  to be displayed during the event. When I arrived for the Private Preview I was thrilled to see my  watercolours had been selected as part of the window display. I was  even more delighted to witness them sell immediately. I was then invited to be a regular artist for the well established and highly respected gallery and have been showing there ever since. Peter Hedley is a wonderful  gentleman,gallery owner and businessman. The gallery boasts many leading artists of today including Nicholas St John Rosse and Victor Ambrus from the BBC Time Team fame.


Wareham is a delightful town to visit and I followed my time in the gallery with a lunch overlooking the river in gorgeous sunshine.Far different to the weather I had driven through to get there!

 Beautiful scenery along the riverside walk at Wareham in Dorset.

For full information on the gallery or to visit and see my latest paintings there please follow this link.


Tuesday 14 June 2011

A Brush With Love

A Brush With Love

"Touched By Angels  "
Original watercolour

This last weekend saw many bouquets of flowers arrive along with many floral decorations for a huge marquee that was erected in our garden to celebrate my special birthday this year.

When the beautiful white table centres arrived apparently my face was a picture. I was so stunned as I had no idea so many flowers were going to be here.The wonderful scent filling the air was incredible. These flowers were far too beautiful for just one person to enjoy so after the party I drove to  some special  homes to share my flower arrangements knowing my actions would be completely out of the blue and raise smiles

I have quietly sat in my studio and painted a few individual flowers when I had a few minutes.While doing so it occurred to me that the softness in my brushstrokes over the last few days has been strongly affected by the love I have felt shown towards me. As well as the love held in each flower carefully selected and arranged to bring so much joy to a special occasion.

The colours in this study are those chosen to represent my peaceful,serene mood. I am so happy.Happier than any one person ever deserves to be.

Any artist will tell you that often within any painting there will be a special section. A favourite area where magic has happened or where everything has gone absolutely perfectly. This may sound strange but I felt blessed by angels when I painted this  study of white flowers. I truly did.

A favourite section within 
" Touched By Angels"

I know I don't deserve to be this happy, no one does in their lifetime. I also know this painting isn't finsihed and yet that special moment of  feeling as though someone else touched your hand while you were working has passed. I may just keep this as a memento of my special day. It certainly does capture that feeling of love in it that has been shown to me so very often and I love how this painting found its' own title.

" Touched by Angels"
I wish everyone could be.


A Special Birthday

A Special Birthday

Table decorations from my birthday celebrations. 

My blog fell quiet as I have just celebrated a very special birthday. Last week a marquee was erected in our garden for an amazing party over the weekend and this morning it is being dismantled. The party was magical with  friends and family dancing to the band and it was a day I will never forget. Like many special occasions in my life it all felt like the most amazing of dreams.
Over the last few weeks and especially the last few days I have held that wonderful feeling of being surrounded by love from my family and friends. Everyone wanted me to have the most beautiful of birthdays and I did. My home feels like a florists, cards from all over the world sit on every space available . I can't quite take in all the wonderful moments that have carried me to today sitting quietly in my studio  thinking about how blessed I am.

I was repeatedly asked what I would like for my birthday. And in all honesty I couldn't think of a single thing.

I have love and I am loved.
I have the most incredible family in the world imaginable.
I have many wonderfrul friends and I adore them,
I am healthy and  never take a single day  of waking for granted or my gift of sight.
Not a week goes by where something special doesn't happen in it.
What more could I want?

So my birthday gift is to give to others to celebrate my life.
In a way that will mean far more than opening presents just for me. 
You can visit my celbration via this link.
They say people come into youu life for a lifetime, reason or season. My friends are with me for the full journey and that is such a comforting thought.
To everyone who has entered my life, thank you so much for being in it. Whether you are a close friend, reader of my blog, an artist who as attended my workshops, someone who has sent me email messages, someone who simply adores watercolour. Whoever you are thank you so much for being here and for sharing this day too. 
I wish you as much happinness in your life as I am so blessed to  hold in mine.


Thursday 9 June 2011

New Originals at Lyndhurst Gallery 2011

New Originals at Lyndhurst Gallery 2011
 With Tom at Lyndhurst Gallery yesterday .
Yesterday I had a wonderful drive to the New Forest to deliver original watercolours to the Lyndhurst Gallery which nestles in Lyndhurst, in the heart of the New Forest. It is a beautiful location for a gallery and it was wonderful to see visitors enjoying the art on display during my meeting with the gallery owners.
Lyndhurst Gallery,
Lyndhurst,Hampshire, U.K

As you walk into the light modern venue you can't help but be immediately attracted to the vibrant art on display. All paintings are  perfectly displayed allowing space for each to be enjoyed. The variety of work is incredible and as always I found myself wishing to leave with a painting to take home. A common problem for an art lover. I often deliver but consider what I would buy at the same time! This to me is a very good sign. For me to walk into a gallery and not want to purchase leaves me worrying that I have chosen unwisely on where to show my own paintings.

This certainly isn't the case with Lyndhurst Gallery. Not only are there fabulous paintings that act as a feast for the eyes but there is the most beautiful sculpture from the very talented Rosemary Cook SWA

A selection of art at Lyndhurst Gallery

Amonmg my collection I have two new horse racing scenes  on show at the gallery including " Red Hot Favourite  " , every ones new favourite it seems.

"Red Hot Favourite"
New original watercolour available at Lyndhurst Gallery

When I left the gallery I decided to enjoy the New Forest so took a drive through fantastic woodland and finally came home with that sense of peace and inner excitement from having had such a great day out. Now it is time to work in my studio again and I know exactly what I will be painting!


If you would like more information about Lyndhurst Gallery or my work there please see  my web site

or you can view my collection at the gallery via this link.


Tuesday 7 June 2011

Lyndhurst Gallery, Lyndhurst, Hampshire.

Lyndhurst Gallery, Lyndhurst, Hampshire.
" Taking the Lead "
Original new watercolour available at 
The Lyndhurst Gallery
Hampshire UK.

I am preparing my collection of watercolours which will be delivered to the Lyndhurst Gallery in the New Forest,Hampshire, U.K. tomorrow.

It really is so exciting to be amongst such fabulous artists who show there and to belong to such a wonderful gallery.

If you are in the area please visit the gallery and I will be sharing my collection which will be on show very soon.
For all enquiries regarding my collection for sale please contact the gallery directly.

Monday 6 June 2011

David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2011.

David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2011.

"Almost There  "
From my book " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour "

Tonight is the Private Preview of the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2011 Exhibition taking place at the Mall Galleries in London. Having been in the final selection last year I know that the show will be absolutely breathtaking because of the high standard and wide variety of art on display.

For me submitting this painting was a very difficult decision because it holds a very special memory to me as part of my leap into becoming an author.  But to know it has been accepted to be hung as a finalist amongst art by established and emerging artists alike to help a worthwhile cause and support such a worthy charity really is such a privilege.

Painting often is the reward in itself. The process in creating and learning as  colours develop and merge Tonight I will see colours,styles,techniques,subjects and artists all merging together in one united effort to show the world we care about the animal kingdom and all those who fighting to survive.
I cannot wait to see the show and I hope all visitors attending this week really enjoy the experience.
Together we are making a difference.

To see this years exhibition and  see  full details of exhibition dates online please look at this link.......

Sunday 5 June 2011

Inspiration From Life

Inspiration From Life

Peony painted during my "Summer Flowers in Watercolour "  Workshop
As a demonstration this week.

I am often asked questions  during a workshop  session. These  queries are invaluable to me as an artist as they make me think about how I approach certain subjects or add textures and why. This week I hosted my annual " Summer Flowers in Watercolour " Workshop and the room was filled with wonderful blossoms to tempt artists attending.  Amongst the vases and arrangements of flowers were some beautiful peony that really were absolutely stunning in both form,delicacy and colour.

" How would you paint the centre of these ?" Lynne asked. 
 (Thank you Lynne as I have some wonderful paintings now thanks to your query! )

There were many ways to approach the gorgeous complex focal point  of the  flower but as I avoid using any products other than watercolour I started with tiny yellow and orange brushstrokes. Dropping in water now and then to form texture minus the use of salt or even masking fluid which is commonly used on subjects like this. I am beginning to look at many artists who work in  "watercolour" and realise they actually don't in the true sense of the medium as they depend on so many other materials to achieve finished paintings. From years of exploring watercolour as a medium I have found I can achieve absolutely any effect I wish to just by working with pigment and water. And it is so much fun!

There is no right way or wrong way to paint but when it comes to saying whether you are a watercolourist or not I think it depends on whether you work in watercolour traditionally or with other mediums. I still for example don't accept that acrylic is watercolour. If it was it wouldn't need to be called arcylic!

We all had so much fun this week working only in watercolour.The results in the room from such a magical medium were incredible. I know in my heart I would never feel the same excitement or thrill  of watching colours merge when faced with other products. The room behind me was silent when I painted this peony. The petals emerged like magic on paper with a softness that reminded me of my time in China. My Shanghainese mentor was stronglyl influencing my placement of brushmarks as I worked. I am so grateful to have had such expertise looking over my shoulder for so long as they gave me so much. Now I want to give the tips I was given to others.

I cannot wait for my Autumn Workshops which take place later this year. For now my next demonstration will be at the SWA Society  For Women Artists 150th Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries on  Thursday, 7th July.Everyone is welcome, you don't need a ticket to see me other than paying the gallery entrance fee. I really am looking forward to meeting old friends and new so please say Hello if you visit. I intend to make the day fantastic with  the sharing of as many subjects as I can fit into one day!

 The beautiful peony that inspired a lovely gentle painting .

Tip: Paint from life as much as possible as  this is the best way to see  true colour and light effects. It also teaches you far more than simply  "copying  " from a photograph!

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Lyndhurst Gallery : Coming Soon!

JEAN HAINES SWA Originals Coming Soon

JEAN HAINES SWA Originals Coming Soon With a passion for creating contemporary paintings in watercolour, Jean Haines SWA has established an international reputation. Having lived and travelled in many countries, Jean has developed her skills whilst working under the influence of masters from Asia, the Middle East and Europe. As a result her enjoyable and accessible style speaks of a mixture of East and West. Jean combines Chinese approaches to brush control with the vibrant colours found in India and Pakistan to bring to life a medium more commonly associated with quieter works in Europe.
Jean works directly without preliminary sketches and allows a free flow of water, leading to startling results that can leave viewers awestruck. With an abundance of light and beautiful colour, Jean's paintings have the ability to take an ordinary subject and transform it into something extraordinary. She achieves the kind of consistently unique results to which many artists can only aspire. Jean's highly sought after paintings can be found in homes and private collections all over the world.
Jean is a member of the SWA, Society for Women Artists. She won the Anthony J Lester Award in 2009 during the SWA Annual Exhibition where her work was likened to Joseph Crawhalls from the famous Glasgow Boys.

Lyndhurst Gallery, Lyndhurst, Hampshire.

I am really delighted to share the news that I will be showing my watercolours at the wonderful Lyndhurst Gallery which nestles in the heart of the New Forest in Hampshire . My new horse racing paintings will be available at the gallery very soon and I will be sharing full details later on my blog and web site. 
For now here is a sneak preview of my new favourite!

" Red Hot Favourite "
Original Watercolour which will be shown at...

 Lyndhurst Gallery
68 High Street
SO43 7BJ
Telephone 02380 283243
Mobile: 07881 820 165/ 07799 765305

Summer Flowers in Watercolour Workshop 2011

"Summer Flowers in Watercolour "
Workshop 2011
 Delphiniums in Watercolour
One of todays demonstrations.

Wow, another fantastic day and I feel as though I am on the most wonderful of highs. Today was the second workshop of my summer one day sessions. The theme today was painting "Summer Flowers in Watercolour". The aim was to achieve unique results with flowers that have a sensation of movement in them.

To me it isn't enough to simply paint a subject so that it looks like a copy of the subject. I want far more from my own work. I want a feeling of life and an added extra hint of magic from the medium itself that lends itself perfectly for painting such gorgeous subjects, as we covered today.

Sweet William, Hollyhocks, Aquilegia, Peony. The day flew by. 
The silence when I was demonstrating was deafening if that makes sense because it really is the strangest feeling standing in front of a group without a single sound coming from behind you. Everyone  was so enthusiastic. It really is such a treat to share all I can with others who are so eager to  see my painting style.

I have come home feeling as though my own batteries are recharged. I desperately want to paint the subjects we covered today and explore the ideas we covered even further. Some will be included in my next book as new ideas have come to me already since I left the workshop venue.

Close Up Section from todays demonstration

Tomorrow is my one day "Animals in Watercolour"Workshop and I really can't wait!

I am sorry to say that as of this morning only one place remains on my Autumn Workshop Sessions. I can't believe how quickly they have booked up and I know this will be really disappointing news to anyone who would have liked to attend. I will be sharing news of my 2012 Workshops by the end of Septembe and  I hope anyone who missed this opportunity will  gain a place then. You can still contact me if you wish to receive news of when dates are available. 
For news and updates please see......

Watercolours With Life Workshop May 2011

Watercolours With Life Workshop 
May 2011

Garlic Demonstration from yesterdays Workshop

Yesterday was fabulous.The first of my Summer Watercolour Workshops in Hampshire took place with artists attending from Iceland and USA.

( Hello Gudrun,Maria and Marsha! )

We painted absolutely everything. From flowers,animals,landscapes.You name it, it was included. I demonstrated  my new favourite cockerel and  I now adore painting Sweet William and Hollyhock flowers having shared my latest technique for working on the flower shapes. In fact I now have a zillion ideas for new paintings just from one session.

During the day I had lain a string of garlic bulbs on my desk and toyed with the idea of painting them. I had the group laughing as I decided, at first, not to and then finally couldn't resist. I now LOVE painting garlic!

The whole point of taking them in to the class was for everyone to think about painting subjects you wouldn't normally paint.

Well my new subject now is garlic and lots of it!

Thank you  to everyone who came yesterday,who was so enthusiastic and warm to be with.It was  a fantastic session and I look forward to seeing you all again!

For now 

Paint, Paint, Paint!

Garlic from yesterdays demonstration

"Everything and anything IS a subject!"  Jean Haines

I hate to say this but there are only three places left on my Autumn Workshops even though the dates have only just been  published.Please contact me if you are interested in coming and quickly!


details are on my new web site