Sunday 27 February 2011

Beating The Blues Workshop 2011

Banishing the Blues!

 Beating The Blues

This week I held a workshop called " Beating the Blues". We started the day with dramatic washes and as time passed by gradually a variety of subjects and colours began to flow.

To the wonderful group who were with me on this session you may remember I started a painting of phlox in  blue? Adding vibrant colour and working further has brought this subject to life in a very exciting manner. I will work further with detail in places but this demonstrates clearly how the experiments can really lead to some extraodrinary results.

Next Exciting NewWorkshop?

Don't miss " All Fired Up" in Autumn 2011 where we will  really set the pace with vibrant shades of reds and golds! There will only be one session as I  prefer not to repeat  workshops. This means I then hold really fascinating sessions that are fresh, new and exciting to everyone coming, including me!

Glorious Morn

Primrose Explosion

Primroses caught in an absolute  riot of colour 

 Flowers  literally bursting to life from a first and second wash

When life is wonderful and your mood is light and cheerful it is impossible not to portray these emotions in your work.The sun is shining outside my studio window and the day ahead is going to be really brilliant. Colour is  flowing across clean fresh white pieces of paper and  exploding with dramatic impact as they interact. It is mesmerising to watch.

It is amazing how sunshine effects our mood as does colour. This wash of spring primroses is really exciting already and needs very little to complete the composition. I decided to show how I paint these beautiful subjects as part of my new DVD " Amazing Ways With Watercolour" because gaining an initial flow is often the key to a successful finish in a painting.

Now its time to settle  to the selection of paintings for the first photography shoot of my second book which takes place this week. I really am so excited and really looking forward to the session.

Whatever you are doing today I hope it leaves you feeling peaceful,happy and relaxed!


"Amazing Ways With Watercolour" will be available from Town House Films from 31st March.2011.
For further information on how to order please email directly to the following email address

Saturday 26 February 2011

Watercolours With Life Workshops Spring 2011

Purrfect Practise!
Siamese Kittens coming to life in  a first wash

I adore holding watercolour workshops. For weeks before they take place I plan each lesson, work out which subjects will make them really interesting and think seriously about how to bring each to life with colour combinations that are more extraordinary than ordinary. 

When the workshops arrive it isn't only those attending who are looking forward to each day as I am as well. They are aimed at being highly inspirational and motivational .The energy level is often quite high.  Mine especially!

Often during these sessions someone in the session will  have an image they wish to capture and need suggestions on how to begin.  More often than not while demonstrating I will  fall in love with a subject whilst sharing my way of working. That happened this week when Sue showed me an image of three gorgeous little kittens. They are seal points and absolutely adorable. Purrfect for watercolour!

Working from the nose of the first kitten glorious and fresh colour seemed to readily bring the tiny bundle of fur alive on paper. I am now working towards the second kitten and will only decide on whether to add the third or not as the painting progresses. I must confess I have now stopped looking at the photograph as this would hinder my creativity.To work as I do colour will guide my instincts on how this piece should progress.

I am loving how it is developing and know this will be a new favourite of mine.  Thanks to Sue I want to paint cats again.  This I know will please quite a few people who have been patiently waiting for more of my cat watercolours to appear!

Thank you Sue! 


" Painting Escapes" ,a two day retreat will be taking place at Four Seasons  Hotel in Dogmersfield, Hampshire this April. Limited places are available but if you are interested please contact the hotel directly or email me on

Favourite To Win

New Watercolour Collection Update

"Favourite To Win"
New  piece  developing for  an upcoming exhibition

Last year I was invited to hold a watercolour exhibition at the Wey Gallery in Godalming.  At the moment apart from working on my second book I am also  putting together a collection of watercolours that hopefully will create a beautiful  illusion of colour and life at the show.

I will be sharing  full details of the events where my new horse racing scenes will displayed this Spring later.  The watercolour above is one of the subjects inspiring my new DVD "Amazing Ways With Watercolour"  from Town House Films which will be available  from 31st March 2011.

Time  never stands still and neither do my burshes it seems. I have had such an inspirational week holding three one day workshops, following the filming of my new DVD the week before in Norwich with the team  of Town House Films. 

I am eager to paint so this blog post is very short but I hope to see my friends and fellow artists at upcoming events in Hampshire, Surrey and London.

Now it is definitely time for me to paint!

Friday 25 February 2011

Meet The Artist : Odiham Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month
The Frame Gallery, Odiham, Hampshire.

The Frame in Odiham has invited me to be the artist of the month in April 2011 with a "Meet the Artist" evening on April  27th starting at 5.30. Everyone is invited ansd I look forward to meeting you there. I will be signing copies of my book and a selection of my new watercolours will be on display.

An enjoyable way to celebrate Spring!

"Amazing Ways With Watercolour" New DVD

2011, A Great Year!
" How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour"
My first book which was launched at the Mall Galleries in London last year during the Society for Women Artists Annual Exhibition 2010. Available from Search Press,SAA Society for All Artists along with  my SAA DVD, and other retail outlets.

Following my first book in watercolour so much has been happening especially this year.

My new DVD with Town House Films will be available from 31st March 2011 and is called 

" Amazing Ways With Watercolour"

The title evolved because when my paintings evolve the comment " That's amazing!" seems to be said quite a lot for some reason!

You can read about this DVD and  find details of how to order from the following link........

What an exciting year I am having!

Painting Dogs in a Loose Style Workshop 2011

Yesterdays life inspiration for my painting dogs in watercolour workshop 

Creating  the emotion behind the " Painting Dogs in a Loose Style"  workshop.

What a fantastic week. I  held three one day watercolour workshops  with different themes and travelled to Chichester for a charity event hosted by Raymond Blanc where one of my paintings raised a four figure bid for the Lady Taverners Charity.

Yesterday the weeks events closed with my " How to Paint Dogs in a Loose Style" workshop and a surprise visit was secretly planned from a little puppy called Carys. They arrived absolutely on cue during the opening introduction about painting with emotion . When we paint pets there is often more than just placement of colour in successful results.There is a connection or bond with the animal we are trying to capture and often a strong senese of emotion involved. To bring that feeling to life into  the paintings and to get my point across as strongly as I knew how Christine who manages my administration and workshos bookings brought in her wonderfully sweet little puppy Carys.

The whole group were immediately smitten with the tiny bundle with such amazing eyes. After touching Carys and a  her having a few cuddles it was on with the workshops. Now  everyone was in a really eager  mood to capture pets on paper and wow , there were some wonderful dogs in the room all day!

I have returned to my studio,unpacked my car and  feel absolutely desperate to now paint without stopping to demonstrate or explain my thought process.

I am certain everyone this week had a fabulous time because no one seemed too eager to leave and neither was I to be fair. I am so inspired from the last three days that paintings I am sure are going to flow off my brush!

Next week is going to be exciting too but I think I will save that news for another blog entry!

Wednesday 23 February 2011

Beating The Blues

Beating the Blues

Watercolour Exploration.

My feet literally aren't touching the ground this week as I am running three one day workshops and attending evening events also. Last night saw me at a charity event in Chichester hosted by Raymond Blanc at the "Brasserie Blanc" restaurant which was a wonderful evening. My painting successfully raised  funds for the Lady Taverners of which I am a member.

Yesterday  I ran the popular " Watercolours With Life " workshop which was followed today by a  completely new sesssion called " Beating the Blues" aimed at being  highly inspirational. I must confess I wanted to sit in on the class not take it at times as ideas were flowing non stop from really exciting washes and gorgeous experiments in colour. We opened with dramatic use of blue shades which were allowed to flow freely but by using careful placement of pigment created amazing texture effects.

Tomorrow I am running a workshop on how to paint dogs in a loose style and  there may be a special guest arriving in the form of a little puppy for a brief visit. Just to get our emotions running high which we will use  to gain attachment to the subjects we are painting.

The week as always is flying by but my brushes won't be leaving my hands next week when I am finally back in my studio with time to enjoy all the new ideas that have come across from each session so far.

Thank you to everyone who has attended and made this week so refreshing. It has been absolutely brilliant and meeting you all has been fantastic.

Happy Painting!


Monday 21 February 2011

Watercolour Workshop Update : 2011

February Workshops 2011

 Grape Hyacinth, Muscari
Spring Workshops 2010

This week I will be running three one day workshops starting from tomorrow.  They will be covering a number of themes but are intended to inspire so that all who attend leave with the urge and motivation to paint eagerly. These sessions have been fully booked for some time and I am so looking forward to them.

Watercolours With Life.  The favourite session as it looks at all techniques for many subjects.

Beating the Blues   Exciting approaches with texture and gorgeous compositions.

Dogs,Dogs and More Dogs.  Painting your favourite pooches minus the use of a preliminary sketch.


My watercolour workshops have become so popular but places are strictly limited as I only take a few sessions each year. This keeps my own motivation and  energy level high . It also ensures every single session is full of enthusiasm with exciting results. My aim is not to over do the number of workshops as I need time in between each group to maximise exploration into new ideas. This way of working also means everyone coming to me could see a painting process they may not have come across before. I also strive to bring the best out of everyone attending giving of my time during  every demonstration so that all who attend leave  having gained from the experience.

I have two day seminars available at Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire in April 2011.These are the only two day seminars I will be taking this year.One will take place in Spring  and the other in Autumn. Bookings for the seminars will be directly through the hotel so please contact the  following number  if you wish for further information.

Tel.  44 (1252) 853000


Sunday 20 February 2011

Raymond Blanc Chichester. Charity Auction

Charity Auction at Brasserie Blanc, Chichester
In Aid  of the Lady Taverners
Hosted by Raymond Blanc
" Beautiful Dawn "
As featured in the Master Class series of the Artist and Illustrators  Magazine
January issue 2011 

To be auctioned at Brasserie Blanc, Chichester this Tuesday.

This week is going to be really full with exciting watercolour workshops all week  and a visit to Chichester to donate another cockerel to raise funds for the Lady Taverners who help very special children.

This event will be held at the Brasserie Blanc in Chichester.  Raymond Blanc  is an incredible personality with a hugely warm heart not o mention his amazing talent as a master chef.  As a Lady Taverner I have been delighted to donate several watercolours  to raise funds at events since 2009  but this is my first charity event of  2011.

When I was approached for one of my pieces I knew immediately which painting I would be donating. I have learned so much about giving over the years . I have also witnesssed  with huge  disappointment how some artists agree to give work away but they often  part with a painting that has been lying around in their studio for a very long time or a piece that hasn't nor is likely to sell. This  form of attitude greatly saddens me.
I am so grateful for my life and for everyone who has supported me in my art career giving me encouragement and guidance whenever I have needed it. Each month something new and wonderful  consistently seems to be heading my way.  From my first book being launched at the Mall Galleries in London last year to my recent filming of a DVD with Townhouse Films this week.  My life as an artist is like an amazing dream.. Then there is the knowledge  that my second book is  developing  so well that I can't wait for it to be published next year. I keep getting requests to show in galleries  and demonstrate worldwide.

I am very fortunate and not a day goes by where I don't  give thanks for my health,happiness,friends and family as well as my passion for  watercolour. 
So how did I know what to choose to give away ?

Last year I was approached by the Artist and Illusrators Magazine for a feature which was published in the January 2011 issue. I was to write  for their Master Class series and chose to look at  watercolour effects  for one of my favourite subjects, a cockerel.  I enjoyed writing the feature so much but the eye of this particular bird really holds a very special magic for me as the artist.  It obviously holds magic for those who have already seen the painting in my studio. So much so that everyone is asking me if I am ever going to sell the piece or not. As an artist I often feel like holding onto favourite paintings but will  let go if I feel the reason for doing so warrants my actions.

And this decision does. 

I can't sell the painting to friends because more than one wishes to buy it. I can't place it in a gallery as more than one gallery wishes to show it. So to donate my favourite painting to raise funds for some very special children , help my favourite charity and have the opportunity to see Raymond again who holds  his own form of magic when he cooks seems a perfect and right thing to do.

The painting at the moment is being framed in a gorgeous gold  moulding with a second inner frame in gold also which looks fantastic. I know how much I hope to raise this week and my fingers will be crossed that from one small action some good will bring  really big smiles to beautiful young faces.

To create happiness via brushstrokes really is so amazing. Doing what I love, for people I love and knowing they will feel loved from this circle  of actions is a terrific way to start my week.


My new DVD shows how I approach painting several  subjects and will be available in the near future.

Friday 18 February 2011

Town House Films : New DVD


On set,  filming  my new DVD with Town House Films.
Steve shows me the ropes and puts me in the picture literally!

Last year I was approached by Town House Films to create a DVD. I already know the work of many wonderful artists on their list which includes stars in watercolour such as Shirley Trevena and Charles Reid. I was thrilled to receive the request and after discussing the project a date was set. So this week my blog has been quiet because I have travelled making the three and a half hour drive to Norwich for the filming.

Loading my car with all my materials was one thing but setting off on the drive was another. At times like this I consider the amazing artists from all over the world who fly or drive to attend my workshops. This is my way of saying thank you and making my sessions more obtainable to those who live far away and cannot get to me in U.K.  Also I hop emy DVD will be invaluable for those who would prefer to follow me in the comfort of their own homes and at their own pace.

The evening I arrived in Norwich I met the owners of this incredible company and immediately knew I was in the hands of experienced professionals. They are wonderfully knowledgeable and a delight to work with. The morning dawned for the first filming session and I was duly attired with a microphone and guided on which camera to look at and talk to for the opening of each demonstration. I must admit it did feel very wierd talking to absolutely no one other than the black box in front of me recording my every move. In workshops I often react to live feedback. I also love the reactions of audiences when I give presentations.  Filming is different as you could feel alone but with the Town House Film team present everything just fell naturally into place.Apart from that once I have brushes in my hand I am so happy I forget everything else. Luckily I did remember the need to talk out loud through my every move and decision!

My style is very different as there are no pencil lines to guide me. Only my  feelings for colour placement and brushstrokes which makes each subject come alive with a unique result. So there can't be "set" rehearsals or too much preparation beforehand. This could kill the spontaneity of my style which is what I so want to share. During the sessions we had time in this film to cover several of my favourite subjects including a few extras. I will let you discover what is in the film when it is launched in the near future.

However we looked closely at my techniques with wonderful close ups to give an accurate insight into how I work. Time flew by and before I knew it the words "It's a wrap" were hailed so it was time to again load my car again and return home. Everyone was so wonderful I actually found it very hard to leave!

There will be many friends reading my blog in astonishment because I haven't told a soul about this new project apart from a few who have encouraged me quietly behind the scenes. I will admit it has been a little difficult keeping this a secret but I have been so busy with several new ventures that I haven't had much free time to share all my news this year.

Town House Films .....a brilliant team!

I will share news when my DVD becomes available. You can also keep updated via this link where you can discover more about the incredible range of films available from this superb company.
This was definitely a week I will always remember!

Sunday 13 February 2011

Painting Escapes at Four Seasons Hotel. Spring 2011

 Painting Escapes at Four Seasons Hotel, Dogmersfield, Hampshire,  UK
26/27/28th April 2011

 Well known for her enthusiasm and passion for art, professional watercolourist Jean Haines S.W.A. will be holding an exciting two day retreat at the wonderful Four Seasons Hotel in Dogmersfield, Hampshire. The spring session opens in April with a welcome evening to meet the artist followed by two days of escape via the use of colour and brushstrokes to lift the spirit, free the mind and release the artist within you.

A break in a prestigious hotel surrounded by incredible English countryside awakening to spring via colour is a unique opportunity to feel rejuvenated and energised. There are limited places available. For further details please contact Four Seasons Hotel directly.

Tel.  44 (1252) 853000


Saturday 12 February 2011

Shanghai Watermarks

Watermark Influences from Shanghai

Anenome Magic

I owe so much to my mentor from Shanghai. She patiently taught me how to hold a brush to create a magical variety of brushstrokes  in order to create incredible shapes. By simple placement of limited colour and by careful management of the application of water in exactly the right spot the essence of many subjects  can come to life. I have come to combine my Chinese studies from living in Asia with my own techniques over the years to form flowers of all varieties.

On my studio desk is a vase of purple anenome that are at the point of  needing to be discarded. Painting flowers  whilst they are faded often leads the artists eye to more abstract  shapes which can be really pleasing to the eye. These shapes are often far more interesting than when the flowers are fiesh and new in their early stages of  blossoming.

The dying heads of the anenome have wonderful petals  leaning downwards away from the seedhead which contrast so well with the more fuller flower.

 Dying anenome with petals  in a downward formation exposing the seedhead.
Watermarks created by accurat eplacement of  water has formed the petals here.

In China I worked with wonderful inks on ink stones  along with my bamboo brushes. This morning I have used my Chinese paper and  fallen back into through my memories to the sessions with my elderly mentor. They could paint flowers in a way that the viewer of her finished work could feel like weeping with emotion at the beauty they were witnessing from a few simple brushstrokes. 

She inspired my artists soul and lives on in my heart to this day.   In her memory I am bringing her into my next book as  her words on composition are the most incredible I have ever heard. Taking the artist into a train of thought that logically tells a story  about placement of every brush mark and colour  placement.

 Anenome Seedhead
Influenced by Chinese Brushwork and compositions.


The Top 50 Watercolor Blogs

Top 50 Watercolor Blogs

 " Lucky" 

How wonderful to learn I am included in a selection of Top Watercolour Blogs. Thank you so much Lisa for letting me know and to everyone who loves watercolour as much as I do there are some amazing blogs via this link to  enjoy! 


Beauty By Way of Water and Paint: The Top 50 Watercolor Painters Blogs 

"Remember that row of plastic paint you used to decorate a sheet of paper in grade school? Well, forget it. Watercoloring has taken on a whole new meaning since then. Artists now have the capacity to create unique works of art using them from nature’s beauty to abstract pieces.
What sets watercolors apart from other mediums, such as oil painting, is that the paints are water soluble. However, it isn’t as easy to spot a watercolor painter’s blog on the internet as it is to distinguish one of their works from the others. To make it simpler, we have gathered the top 50 watercolor painter’s blogs below. They are authored by professionals, teachers, and even students of the art and are loaded with tips, art, and much more to satiate any watercoloring itch."


Friday 11 February 2011

Evolving as an Artist

Painting With Passion

"Celtic Beauty"

The expression "time flies" seems so true at the moment. I wish for  forty eight hour days to enjoy all I wish to enjoy. 

I am writing and painting in my studio and going through paintings looking at my work in files from years ago to the present day. I hadn't realized how my journey in watercolour had evolved so much until now.

In my workshops I always recommend artists attending should  hold onto  a few paintings each year, adding the date they were painted on the back of the paper and keeping them to mark their progress over a period of time. I am listening to my own advise and seeing how far I have come and considering how far I have to go in my own road of exploration in watercolour.

Happily I feel I have a long road of learning ahead of me and I am loving each new challange I set for myself. In fact the day I say  "I can paint" is the day I will put  down my brushes forever. I want to always feel a sense of excitement when magic happens as wonderful results  and  images come to life in front of my eyes.

And I wish to share the passion I feel for this medium with everyone for a very long time.

Thursday 10 February 2011

To Nita

 A Rose for Nita

 "Not Just a Rose"
It's a painting with warm wishes wrapped inside it.

I have been so busy recently that I haven't had time to read through all of my emails or reply as I would usually do. This afternoon I have sent images for press and promotional reasons and covered meetings for new projects  coming up soon. Quietly this evening I finally had  a few minutes just to sit and read personal messages that were not business connected. And I want to say a huge thank you to a lady called Nita.

Sometimes we type words in an email, press send and never know how much they will mean to the person sat on the other side of the screen when they first see them. I opened this particular message and  read the words a few times before immediately wishing to share this rose especially for someone who took the time to tell me why my blog means so much to them.

Nita you touched my heart. 

This rose was going in my second book which I am in the process of writing at the moment but having read your message and realised you have waited  for a reply I've decided to send it to you instead. I  hope it will be an inspiration for your days ahead. I hope it often gives you a reason to smile and keep you painting and enjoying watercolour.

You are right. I do write from my soul and I happily give from it too.

Thank you so much for your message and I hope you like your rose painting when it arrives.



Coming to Life With Colour

 Christmas Roses  coming to Life in a First Wash
No masking fluid has been used to preserve the white paper.

It is February, the second month of the year and I am ensconced working in my studio with the sudden realization I have four exhibitions to prepare for. This sounds rather daunting but two are Art Society Exhibitions where I will need only four paintings and the other two are both a solo show. I have gradually been placing favourite paintings to one side making decisions on whether or not they will be in my book or  framed in preparation for galleries to exhibit later this year. Unfortunately as it is Spring and I am arranging a few rooms in our cottage  I keep having a problem with discovering new " favourites" which I don't wish to sell!

I have some stunning new horse racing scenes and a few surprise subjects that will wait to be unveiled when the exhibitions run. Last year saw my paintings selling really well with many subjects seeming to be sought after. This knowledge could turn me into a commercial artist who paints knowing what will move from a gallery wall and what won't. But I am staying with my instincts and painting from my heart as it dictates to me.Which means an apology to all my cat watercolour lovers as I haven't a single cat painting anywhere at the moment as they have all sold.

Right now I am in love with hellebores and enjoying creating wonderfully vibrant washes  around the shapes of these gorgeous flowers. Each new wash as always is more alive and exciting than the last.

I think another subject has finally taken over from my addiction to painting primroses at last!


Monday 7 February 2011

Birth of my Second Book : Special moments.

Primroses coming to life in a Spring Watercolour

Today has been an amazing day. From the meeting with my publisher last year when we agreed on my second book to signing the contract to go ahead with the project and then recently holding the  skeleton of how my book will look in my hands for the first time,there has been one particular moment I have been eagerly waiting for when the time was right. And today it was.

Spring is all around me with beautiful flowers attempting to  make an entrance after the dull grey winter. Yesterday  we went to Wisley to see the Royal Horticultural Gardens. It is a little early for many of the spring flowers but giant snowdrops  were dancing in the breeze with their white heads bobbing to an fro. Against a variety of colour as a backdrop they were perfect inspiration for writing.  I see them as the white paper my words cover. Then there were wonderful Christmas roses ( hellebores) in  such amazing varieties.

My mind was alive by the time I came home and my imagination absolutely bursting with ideas. So today I have been completely anti social and  locked myself in my studio as I knew I had to create while I was so especially full of  enthusiasm.

So content was I with the words that seemed to flow I have pressed send on my first complete submission to my publisher for my next book. From here they will see for the very first time my text and paintings that will be in the first sections of my new project. The opening painting especially from this communication will be one that I know will raise smiles and have everyone wanting to see more from page to page. I will probably hardly sleep until my publisher now comes back to me to let me know what they think. We are both so excited about this venture and have been longing for  this time to come.

The journey has started at  my second time of being an author and there is no going back. And I am having a ball feeling as though I have  magical Christmas gifts to give away in the form of every single tip I have been given from all over the world. And I so hope others enjoy them as much as I do

Saturday 5 February 2011

The Frame Gallery ,Odiham,Hampshire UK.

Gallery Update.

"Flying Colours"

A new collection of Jean Haines SWA watercolours can be seen at "The Frame Gallery" in Odiham, Hampshire including two new horse racing scenes. These will be on view once they return from framing by the end of next week.

There are also a selection of paintings from my book on show. Two paintings are exhibitied in beautiful bespoke oak frames which suits their darker colouring.

The Frame is a wonderful gallery that  has work by many  leading local artists such as Paul Banning RI and Pip McGarry . Odiham is a pretty little village with interesting shops  in the High Street.

Having a coffee next to " The George" opposite the gallery is a lovely way to while  away a few minutes!