Monday 28 October 2013

USA Watercolour Tour 2013: I love America!

 Long Island, New York

Today I had a break between teaching workshops and enjoyed a tour of Long Island. The weather is  fantastic  with vibrant sunshine adding brilliance to  the fall colours of beautiful trees. I have seen reds and golds that are stunningly  gorgeous. My first  stop was Sag Harbour which  is such a pretty place to visit.

 Sag Harbour
Long Island 2013

I have never seen so many pumpkins in my life! As Halloween is this week many stalls, garden centres and shops are selling huge varieties of pumpkins. I couldn't resist stopping at this stall.

 Pumpkins for sale
Long Island 2013

Restaurants,hotels and shops are all beautifully decorated in Autumn colours making the season look so inviting. I love that there are so many smiling happy faces greeting me each day where ever I visit. I loved being in USA last year and was thrilled to return.  Before I left home I wondered if I would love it here as much as on my last visit in 2012. And the answer is that I love it even more. So much so that I am seriously considering adding new destinations to explore here with future workshops!

I love America!


My current USA book signing and workshop tour includes New York, Texas and Mexico. All my workshops are fully booked but I am  working on my USA next tour so will be sharing news as soon as I can!

Saturday 26 October 2013

Long Island, New York Workshop 2013

 White Cat. "Eye"'
Simple demonstration Stage 1.

What a great first day of my 2013 workshops in New York at Long Island. The room is full of enthusiastic artists of all levels. Following my first warm up exercises of the day a variety of subjects appeared including, dogs, cats, portraits, landscapes, boats and even a water skier.

Maybe the joy in the sessions is due to the fact everyone is painting something completely unique as my style lends itself to every subject.

I was delighted to meet everyone and thrilled to hear from the organisers that  people attending my talk  last night were eager to join the already sold out sessions taking place this week. There are even requests for  early pre booking for my visit to New York in 2015!

Unfortunately my workshops for next year are sold out internationally apart from dates and locations for my 2014 Australia Tour which have not yet been released. 

I leave for Texas at the end of this week and am really looking forward to meeting everyone there.


Book Signing Event : New York 2013 SOLD OUT

Atmospheric Watercolours

The start to my USA 2013 Watercolour Workshop and Book signing tour is off to a wonderful start but maybe I underestimated sales. I have sold out of my book "Atmospheric Watercolours" in New York already and face the rest of the week minus stock. When I was at my publishers for an author event earlier this year I was told it was really difficult to keep my latest book in stock. I didn't believe it but I am now being told the same thing by several suppliers internationally. With copies selling out so quickly at my book signing event here in New York I will now not have any myself until I reach Texas. My next USA tour destination where stock is waiting for me for the next talk I am giving in Lubbock, Texas.

I have also sold out of my DVD "Watercolour Passion"

Watercolour Passion

Anyone wishing to buy my signed books or my DVDs can still do so  from my online shop.
Please note, I have DVDs available for USA format also!

New York 2013 : Demonstration and Book Signing Event

Atmospheric Watercolours
Demonstration and Book Signing Event 
New York

Last night I gave a talk and demonstration for the Art League of Long Island in New York. My visit last year was quite dramatic in that my last day on Long Island was when Hurricane Sandy was about to hit. Here I am a year later and one of the first artists to arrive last night had flown from Canada to meet me, and  will be attending one of the two workshops I am holding here this week. 

Soon the room filled and as happened last year, there was standing room only at the back. I love looking at a sea of  smiling faces when I give these demonstrations. I am fascinated at the obvious interest and enthusiasm that is so evident. Every single tip and detail is keenly observed and received. I am passionate about this medium and my excitement level is always at a high. Especially when new colour combinations of pigments create incredible patterns as happened last night while I was working with Perylene Green combined on paper with Quinachridone Gold. That was a magical moment for everyone in the room including me. But I don't want this blog to be about the demonstration. I am writing to share how each of these art events enrich lives. Mainly my own.

We often take for granted our daily happiness and routines. Each time I give a talk I always meet unique people who have experienced so much. Experiencse they quietly share with me during breaks in the art events. One lady last night had taken up watercolour after losing her husband. Soon after he passed away she sadly lost her daughter too. This lady had shining eyes as she told me how her discovery of working in watercolour was changing her life. She held my book in her hands and told me how much she was learning from it and how much it was helping her.  These are moments when you want to simply reach out and hug the person in front of you. For what they have been through, are dealing with and have overcome.

Next I met a lady who had sent me an email last year that I will never forget. She had wanted to meet me then but couldn't. Due to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy she lost everything including her home. Twelve months later she is still getting her life back in order regarding  the rebuild. Can you imagine losing everything  in that way? How devastating the impact of Sandy must have been. When I first read her email I sent a gift package of DVDs and my personalised brushes. As luck would have it she is booked on my workshops in Long Island this year so we finally met last night. And it was a very special moment.

When we, as artists, give demonstrations I am sure the people in the room attending believe that they are the ones' gaining information. In reality I find it is me that gains the inspiration. My heart is  continually touched by the brilliant people that I meet who, over time,  often become firm friends. Like Patty from New York who I met here last year and whom I will be meeting today on the first of my workshops.

How lucky I am to travel and meet such incredible people. All from sharing my love for watercolour. The invitations are flooding in for my new book launch in USA in 2015 and that is going to be  one incredible trip!

All of my workshop are fully booked for 2014 but I will keep my blog updated of all demonstrations and art events  coming up.

Its ,time to leave for the Art League of Long Island and see what today holds!


Wednesday 16 October 2013

Texas Workshops 2013 : Cowboys!

Cowboys in a first wash on my easel!

I can't help it. Its' only a week to go until I leave for USA and my watercolour tour there. I start in New York where I will be giving a talk and demonstration. I am  holding two workshops and both have been fully booked for some time. In fact the whole tour is sold out but there are two Art Society demonstraton events that guests are welcome to attend.

Following New York I leave for Texas. That part of my journey must be on my mind as I found myself thinking of  cowboys this morning. Hence the colourful first wash on my easel at the moment. I need to add detail , depth and final touches to bring this piece alive.

From Texas I head to Mexico, my first time there and I am so looking forward to seeing this part of the world, a dream come true in many ways.

But for now I am in my studio working on my next book and I have to say, even as the author, it is getting me so wound up and enthusiastic about working in my favourite medium. I honestly cannot wait for each new morning to race to my studio and work on each new chapter. Its' going to be so hard tearing myself away from this wonderful project to head to America but I am over the moon to be returning. Meeting wonderful friends from last years visit and also  making new ones.

So if you are seeing me in USA while I am there please know  I am , right now, very excited about my trip!

And to my friends in Texas

See y'all soon!


Monday 14 October 2013

Jean Haines Watercolour DVDs

Goodness, its been such a hectic year and I am only just  catching up in my studio after my exhibition opening in Cheltenham before I leave for my USA Watercolour Tour next week.  I had to make a desperate order for more of my watercolour DVDs as I have completely sold out.  Happily, new stock will be with me this week. 

My first DVD "Amazing Ways with Watercolour" is an introduction to how I work in watercolour  demonstrating colour application, techniques, easy washes and subjects such as horseracing are included.  For blog followers who are enjoying my " How to Paint Roses in a loose Style" demonstrations you will enjoy the rose demonstration on this video.

Amazing Ways With Watercolour

"Amazing Ways With Watercolour" broke pre order sales records with Townhouse Films and so I was invited back to film my second DVD "Watercolour Passion". This second DVD gained its' title by the filming company who loved my enthusiasm whilst I was filming each demonstration subject. I adore watercolour so it was only natural for me to be enthused, but apparently my passion came across so strongly whilst filming that the company wanted that word "Passion" in the title! This film covers several subjects including sheep, carnations, a landscape and the dog on the cover. I talk freely of products I use and my art equipment and I give many watercolour tips.

Watercolour Passion

Being filmed painting the dog on the cover of "Watercolour Passion"  as a demonstration in the film 

Both DVDs can be purchased directly from my web site and they are both available in formats suitable for all countries including USA

You are welcome to order via  this link

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Autumnal Treasures : Chinese Lanterns

 Chinese Lanterns in a Still Life WIP

Its' that time of year when so much seems to continually tempt my brushes. As time is flying I have little freedom to paint when I want to at the moment. It is rather funny how as artists we all start out as beginners longing for the days when maybe a gallery might like our work or maybe we just want to paint something that is instantly recognisable. For many people who hold a brush the reason for doing so and for creating is different. I literally have loved painting ever since I was a child but my art has now become a way of life and full time job.  But regardless of what is happening and what deadlines I have to meet, as a professional artist, I still make time to paint something just because I want to and not because the painting would be headed for an exhibition or show.

In my garden I have wonderful plants that I call "Chinese Lanterns". Their glowing orange shapes have been nagging me to paint them for weeks now so this morning I indulged myself and on scraps of paper I simply played with colour. I love what is happening to these fun pieces and I have a wierd feeling I will be wanting to paint Pumpkins next for Hallowe'en!

Whatever happens in your life if you love painting please don't let anything get in the way of you picking up your brushes regularly. Always make a few hours free each week to enjoy loving colour as it flows across paper. It is such a "feel good"way of passing time. Enjoy every minute you hold your brushes and paint for you, from your heart , often!

 Chineses Lantern Studies and plant.


I loved the email  I received from one of  my blog followers telling me that they love my blog so much because they never know what I will share next. I will let you into a secret, neither do I!

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Atmospheric Watercolours Solo Exhibition : Montpellier Gallery, Cheltenham

"Morning Glory"

They say time flies when you are having fun. If that quote is true I must be having too much as my weeks, months and years seem to be flying by far too quickly with very little free time to add to my blog lately!

Last week I headed for the opening of my solo exhibition at the Montpellier Gallery in Cheltenham.  The event started with a talk in the afternoon followed by a Preview Evening. The gallery looked fantastic and I was thrilled with how the owner had hung my watercolour collection. In the show are all of my favourite subjects including kingfishers,cockerels, horse racing and  stunning sheep.

I met the most incredible of people during my time at the gallery and happily signed my latest book "Atmospheric Watercolours" which is also on sale there  along with cards showing my work. Red dots quickly appeared and some of my collection has already left this week to collectors and new homes. If you are thinking of visiting the gallery please do so  as early as possible to see my watercolour collection. There are still some beautiful favourites available at the moment.

For cockerel lovers I am afraid there is only one cockerel available. "Morning Glory", the painting featured above, has the most gorgeous of watercolour marks to the top right and stunning effects at the bottom left which add to the drama of this almost ethereal piece. It is in a stunningly dramatic frame which makes this painting even more unique. This is one of those pieces that as an artist you consider keeping!


For full detaisl on my exhibition, price lists and work available please contact the Montpellier Gallery on 

Please note, not all the art work is photographed or on the gallery web site!

Thursday 3 October 2013

Book Signing and Talk at Montpelier Gallery ,Cheltenham Friday 4th October 2013

Tomorrow I will be selling and signing books at the Montpelier Gallery in Cheltenham as part of the opening celebration of my solo exhibition which takes place tomorrow.

I will be giving a talk at 4.0 pm at the gallery ,this will be followed by an opening preview evening.

For full details please  contact the gallery directly via this link

Everyone is welcome and the  exhibition will be displaying my favourite subjects including cockerel, horse racing, kingfishers and hedgehogs. Plus many more favourite pieces.

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Valencia : Spain 2013

Spain 2013

I have just retruned from a wonderful weeks break in Valencia, Spain. Every day as we left our hotel we were met by this incredible sight and I simply had to paint it today regardless of how busy I am. Tonight I am opening the 82nd Annual Exhibition of the Alton Arts Society and my own solo exhibition at the Montpelier Gallery in Cheltenham opens on Friday with a book signing and  talk by me in the afternoon, so there is quite a lot going on. But as I sit in my studio catching up, my mind is on the strong sunlight and gorgeous architecture of Valencia. I couldn't resist painting this very quick study today and look forward to my studio time when I can paint more scenes from Spain in beautiful sunlight!

I have many artist friends who have been begging me to share more of my landscapes online so I hope to do so soon.

Happy painting,