Wednesday 30 May 2012

Thread Bear: Emotional Journey

"Thread Bear"
"Believing you can paint and having the confidence to try makes all the difference to becoming a successful artist"J.H.
One of the many quotes from my new book.


This morning I have been pricing my collection of watercolours for my solo exhibition "An Artists Journey" which opens at the Frame Gallery in Odiham, Hampshire on June 1st 2012, this Friday evening with celebratory drinks as part of the launch campaign for my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours".

In the Introduction section of my new book is a painting entitled " Thread Bare". I must admit I adore this painting. In a way it really is a huge part of "My Artists Journey" in that this is where I began like many artists. Painting as a child.  But my reason for loving art wasn't just about creating on paper. I was brought up by my Grandmother who believed children should be seen and not heard. To keep me quiet she would place large wax crayons and paper in front of me. I would sit on a chair by a large table with my skinny little legs dangling and pass hours colouring all the things in life I would dearly love to own. Like a dog that I could play with for hours each day, and all the flowers I knew I shouldn't pick from my Grandfathers gorgeous garden.

I learned to be quiet and as a child I could easily disappear into the background as this was where I felt safe.

My world of colour took me to many imaginary places that in my mind would always be full of love.

I grew up and it is quite ironic that the very thing that my Grandmother gave me to keep me quiet all those years ago has actually given me a voice with which I can be heard all over the world because of my art and passion for painting.

Isn't that amazing?

And  the connection with the bear painting in my book ?

The last thing my mother gave me was a teddy bear. She left when I was very small and I always believed she would come back for me. But she didn't and that bear gave me comfort for a very long time. It was my starting point for a new life back then and is a starting point in my new book.

I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking and positive energy.

In my book you will find many wonderful pages full of inspirational tips on how to succeed in watercolour but these tips often flow into our lives in ways we don't expect. Like an unwanted child being given crayons to keep them quiet. I blossomed from that "gift"

Believing we can do something makes us achieve.

I wasn't sure whether to frame "Thread Bare" or not but he will be in my show at the Frame Gallery and I hope he is loved because he is a very special bear! He also features in my new art collection which will be launched during the exhibition.

Everyone is welcome to attend and if you would like to meet me or have me sign a copy of my new book which will be for sale please check the gallery web site for full details.


An Artist Journey: New Card launch 2012 at The Frame Gallery

 I am thrilled with the latest card designs that have just arrived to be launched exclusively at the Frame Gallery on Odiham on Friday evening at the Private Preview of my exhibition "An Artists Journey".

Its going to be a wonderful evening and the collection looks fabulous already!

For full details about the  new card collections please see this link

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Expressions: New Card Designs 2012

Card Designs 2012

My new collection of greeting cards of feathered friends are now available from my online shop via my web site. The original paintings of each of these designs  are currently exhibited at the Wey Gallery in Godalming,Surrey, UK.

This set of cards is limited in number and can only be purchased via my web site.

They make fabulous gifts and look brilliant framed.

Glory Of Dawn.

Expressions consists of Glory of Dawn, Pleasantly Pheasant,Watching and Colours of Wisdom


Please note: My previous card design sets have all now sold out and will not be repeated as each set is a limited edition

SFP,Society for Floral Painters Card Designs 2012

Woodland Fantasy

Visitors to the SFP, Society for Floral Painters Exhibition 2012 at the Oxmarket Arts  Centre will see  these original floral paintings from my book that are now in my new floral card designs.

They will be on sale at the exhibition which runs from
May 30th -14th June,2012

Hints of Summer

Bacopa Blues

Triple Exhibition Hat Trick? One week,Three previews!

My solo exhibition at the Wey Gallery in Godalming

I think,even for me this is a record.

One week three previews all in different counties
Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire!

I have workshops coming up too so it really is a very full year!

Thoughts on Exhibitions


It has been a wonderful week and it is only Tuesday. I have had  many amazing messages via email and phone connected with my exhibition " Expressions" which is running at the Wey Gallery in Godalming until 14th June 2012. It is fabulous to know it is being so enjoyed.

Yesterday saw visitors to the gallery and at the end of day  I heard how well everything was going which is a great feeling.

I love hearing the surprise in viewers voices when they see how large some of my pieces are because I suppose online you can't really judge their size. Sadly I also feel online the depth,vibrance and sense of movement is lost. So going to a show and seeing an art collection in real life is going to be far more inspirational than simply viewing via a computer. But of course gallery location doesn't make this always possible for many and we are so lucky to be able to share worldwide via the internet.

I have been fascinated by comments from fellow artists.

I loved the questions on .....

" How long did it take for you to put this collection together"
Over the last two years I have been working on my book. Special paintings in this collection are from my new publication but the creative process of writing has affected my latest  watercolours. These are on show for the first time in this exhibition.

" Have you a favourite painting ?"
Oh yes! I have many for a variety of reasons,one being the first to sell.

"Which watercolours are from your new book?"
Several including my favourite portrait and the cockerel studies. 

"Are there any paintings you really feel you are reluctant to part with?"
Most definitely! My new direction with horse racing was so amazing to create that  I felt the hooves moving as I worked. I was at one with the action. This can never be forgotten when looking at a finished painting  That feeling of being so alive!

"Is your show a success"
Undoubtedly yes,from the positive feedback and everyone loving my art.

But one question always without fail makes me laugh

" Have you sold anything?"

This question comes from the artist  who is really only interested in selling. To them that is all art is about and it sums up why they are holding a brush in the first place. They are the ones who skip looking at the paintings and just search for the red dots. And I see many race for their brushes in an attempt to paint a similar subject thinking that theirs too will no doubtedly sell.

But they are missing so much. It isn't always the subject that sells a painting. It is the technique and passion behind creating that is often evident to an art lover or collector. I adore working in watercolour and I am also very much in love with the subjects I aim to capture in my paintings. I strive to make each piece unique and occasionally will work on an idea more than once to gain as much out of it as possible.

I knew I would be working hard for my book last year and the year before. I also knew that from the creative process my own art would grow in direction. When invited to hold this solo I agreed because I had a goal of sharing my art in a superb location and via this platform would be able to share my passion.

The answer to the question is yes.  But I find talking about sales demeaning to both the client, myself as the artist and to the gallery showing my work. This is a personal transaction which I do not need to share.

I do believe that first ever sale should be a celebration for new artists who are just starting their journey but part of being a professional is to accept sales as part of exhibiting.

Maybe to artists who are not selling their own  work studying what others sell is of great interest.

To me viewing a collection is more important. Understanding how the artist works, their choice of subject, style and technique. Growth and direction.

These are what I search for in each new show.

I am thrilled with the growth and direction that is obviously evident in this, my latest collection and over the moon with the reaction from visitors. All fantastically positive!

.Full details about my exhibition can be found on my web site

Monday 28 May 2012

Society of Floral Painters Exhibition 2012

 Society of Floral Painters Exhibition 2012

 As a member of the SFP.Society for Floral Painters I will be exhibiting  paintings from my new book Atmospheric Watercolours at the Oxmarket Centre of Arts,Chichester,Sussex during the SFP annual exhibition.

The show runs from May 30th - June 14th, the gallery will be open from 10.30 am - 4.30 pm , closed on Mondays.

Tomorrow I will be at the private preview and I cannot wait to see the work on show by so many talented floral artists.

For full details please see my web site

And if you liked the foxgloves in my new book? They will be in the show!

Expressions: Solo Exhibition 2012 Wey Gallery,Godalming

Me, with the paintings from my feature in the June issue of the Artist Magazine
The portrait from my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours"  is behind me. This is the painting from my book that received particularly glowing reviews last week.

Wey Gallery
Private Preview

Yesterday there was great excitement as my long awaited solo exhibition at the Wey Gallery in Godalming, Surrey opened with a Private Preview to showcase my new collection and the display was absolutely full of vibrant colour.

Apart from the sheep paintings from my latest feature in The Artist Magazine my new abstracts were on show for the first time. It was wonderful to recieve the feedback on this new direction in style.

Abstracts from my new collection.
You can also see the carnations from my new DVD "Watercolour Passion" in the background. 

And the main stars of the show? 
My horse racing collection as always.  They get bigger each time I show and definitely more  emotional as I become so involved with each new piece.

 Horse racing scenes from yesterdays Private Preview.

It is a very colourful  exhibition with surprises around each corner. To have everyone tell me my work was stunning and watch faces as my art was viewed  was a wonderful feeling. One visitor  met me at the Mall Galleries in London last week when I was showing at the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition 2012 and fell in love with the hare there, so visited this show to see what else I painted.

The exhibition runs until 14th June 2012.

If you do vist there is sometimes a special little guest, a very amazing art critic by the name of Bertie.

I think he could very well be the subject of my next painting!

For full details of my show please see my web site

One Week,Three Private Previews!

At the Wey Gallery Private Preview for my solo exhibition
which opened yesterday

There was a lot of excitement yesterday as my new show opened at the Wey Gallery in Godalming.

This week I have three Private Previews

Expressions " Solo Exhibition at the Wey Gallery in Godalming.
May 27th- June 14th, 2012

SFP Society for Floral Painters,Chichester. Sussex
May 30th- 16th June, 2012

"An Artists Journey", Artist of the Month at The Frame Gallery, Odiham,Hampshire
June 2012

Full details can be found on my web site

Saturday 26 May 2012

Expressions : Solo Exhibition Opening Tomorrow

Yesterady I visited the Wey Gallery to complete pricing my new watercolour collection for my solo exhibition " Expressions" which opens tomorrow with a special preview event running from 1.0 pm to 3.00 pm.

The gallery looked spectacular even though art  has yet to be hung. My collection placed in groups ready to be displayed on the well lit walls looked brilliant in the selected frames for this show.

A wonderful selection of specifically chosen bronze sculptures will be in the gallery so that the whole theme will be  orchestrated to give a day at the races feeling.

But there is far more. My favourite subjects of cockerels, owls and sheep will be there as well as a few surprise including my leap into more abstract work. 

The Wey Gallery always present a fantastic show which is well worth a visit for both at collectors and artists alike.

I can't wait for tomorrow when I will be seeing my new collection on the walls for the first time and signing copies of my new book.

You can meet me at the gallery and find details on the exhibition on my web site

Surrey Literary Festival 2012

Demonstrating at Camberley Theatre during the Surrey Literary Festival 2012

It is only a week ago since I gave a demonstration at the Camberley Theatre as a guest author during the Surrey Literary Festival 2012. Since then so much has happenend.

I went to the Private Preview of the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition 2012 where my painting "Almost Hare" sold and I was thrilled because my aim of submitting work was to help raise funds for DSWF.

Now  I am about to go to another Private Preview

My solo at the Wey Gallery


 My exhibition opens tomorrow with a special event running from 1- 3.00 pm.

More news on  the show  in my next blog post!

Thursday 24 May 2012

Friends make the world a better place.

With the photographic and publishing team from Search Press last year working on my new book
"Atmospheric Watercolours"
Juan, Roddy, Gavin, Katie and me.

I woke early this morning because I am way behind on my email messages and I needed to catch up. The sunshine pulls me into my garden to paint more as Summer approaches so my computer time becomes less.

I love feeling the warmth of the sun on my shoulders as I wander around my garden admiring each new flower that has decided to bloom. I am not the only one  relishing the good weather as the bird song has become deafening over the last few days but that too is magical.

So before I make it outside today I have started my emails and read one after the other from long time friends who are overjoyed with the success of my new book. They are all so happy for me and I feel so blessed that they are in my life. They have loved me for who I am, undertsood when I am too busy and been there when I am not. Shopped with me, laughed with me, cried with me ,even painted with me and are now celebrating with me.  And I love each one so very much.

I also have many new friends who I have met through my workshops. Many going through incredible difficulties where moving their brushes now is keeping them sane, giving a sense of escape simply from using colour. I understand this, like many people I have needed this sense of peace at times particularly in my childhood where I painted happier images.

My emails have become the start and close of each day where I stay in touch with my friends from all over the world. I realised this morning how gorgeous my garden is by the variety of plants and colourful flowers growing in it. Take one away and it just isn't the same.

My ever increasing friendship circle is just like that.

I am blessed with so many friends and I couldn't face losing one because then my life wouldn't be the same. All the joy from my new book would be nothing without all the very special people in my life who are sharing my happiness with me. And that includes you for reading my blog and being here with me.

Thank you for being my friend, here and beside me in my art journey..

Life and happiness are to be shared and given freely or there really would be no point in living!


The Wey Gallery "Expressions " Solo Exhibition

The Favourable Mariner
From my book "Atmospheric Watercolours" 

There is a wonderful  selection of subjects in my solo exhibition which opens at the Wey Gallery in Godalming this Sunday with a preview from 1.00 - 3.00 pm.

Paintings like the "Favourable Mariner" (above ) from my new book will be in the show along with fabulous new horse racing scenes and of course very vibrant new cockerels.

Paintings vary in price from £395 -£3500.

 A few of the paintings from my book will  be sold with the original proofs from my book which is an unusual way to buy a painting but tells the history behind it.

While I was writing "Atmospheric Watercolours", my husband who is a keen sailor was on various trips. Hence the temptation and inspiration for this piece which has now become a favourite of mine.. This photograph does not do justice to the image which  is included in a chapter looking at texture and technique.

For full details of all the art in this exciting new collection please look at the Wey Gallerys web site this weekend or better still, come along and meet me there!

I will be signing copies of my new book during the preview.

Book Review 2012 : Judith Farnworth

 I have eagerly been looking forward to reading book reviews on my new publication "Atmospheric Watercolours" which has only just been released. This morning I read this review by Judith Farnworth and my eyes misted up to the pont of overflowing again.The first review appeared in the Artist Magazine and likened me to JMW Turner in his later years  connected with my more loose interpretations of subjects at times.

Judith writes as an enthusiastic artist who is in love with watercolour. As a review she leads you into how she felt whilst reading my book. I love her comment on appreciating this being a hard back rather than paperback book sas she is uggesting it could become almost a watercolourists bible in the future.

Do enjoy reading Judiths review. If you too have wriiten one that I have missed please forward it to me on   I am forwarding all responses to my publisher and they were thrilled with Judiths descrptive review.

Atmospheric Watercolours: USA

I am receiving some fabulous feedback on my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours"  which has been long awaited. It is full of lucious tips to get artists of all levels racing for their brushes and that was my goal when I set out to write this publication.

I now have signed copies of my new book for sale on my web site but to UK only.

I know I have many friends and artists in the USA who wish to buy a copy but unfortunately when  I  looked into the postage prices it really took the price of sending my book so high that I didn't feel it could be an option.

I have an online sales shop which is managed for me as my career is now so busy, I don't have time to handle this side of my art life. For example it came as a shock a short time ago  to find my own personalised brush sets sold out within the first day of placing them online for sale! Such was the enthusiasm for my line which I use in demonstrations and workshops regularly.These are still available. Details of how to buy them are on my web site in my online shop. 

To meet the orders professionally and efficiently takes time so handing over this side of my life to a PA has been a very wise decision.

But I do understand that waiting for  a book that others already have is really frustrating.

If you are living in USA and are still interested in buying a signed copy of my book please email me on but bear in mind for me to send to the USA would make each copy just over £30 which is a lot compared to the larger companies online who are in a better position to give you a good deal.

But if you really can't wait then please get in touch!

My new book aids diets?

I have just read a wonderful post on facebook by artist Judith Farnworth who describes how she couldn't put her copy of my book down even though it was time to cook the family meal! It was fantastic to read such glowing comments by Juidth who is an ardent watercolour fan full of enthusiasm and a thirst for something new.

Thank you Judith for making my day.

I have been dying to read the first comments about my book and yours were wonderful!

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Lilac Time

Lilac Time
Summer 2012

To all the fabulous artists who came to my demonstrations over the last few weeks here is how I continued to work on one of the washes I showed in my sessions.

Remember the interestingly cool, blue salt wash?

Well this afternoon I completely fell in love with the lilac in bloom outside of my studio window. I couldn't resist picking up that small piece of paper that I showed you the blue salt wash on and  I quickly turned it into a gorgeous interpretation of lilac with very little effort.The salt created the patterns for the individual tiny blooms in each cluster of lilac sprays on my tree.

It really does take just a little imagination to turn all the exercise washes from my book and DVDs into beautifully unique paintings.

So how are you doing with your "three washes a day" prograrmme from my latest DVD " Watercolour Passion"?

And how  will you use all the techniques in my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours"?

Any subject is possible to paint with my techniques so don't miss out with subject after subject in glorious colour!

And my favourite tip?

Paint when the mood  hits you,don't put off that wonderful feeling of needing to paint if you can possibly pick up your brushes the minute inspiration grabs you.
Like it just did when I saw the new lilac in bloom!


Details of my two DVDs and my two books can be found on my web site

Mall Galleries,London: Signed Copies of my new book 2012

My new book "Atmospheric Watercolours" on sale at the Mall Galleries in London

Last night I was delighted to see my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours" on display and for sale at the Mall Galleries in London.

As I was an artist in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition 2012 and attending the Private Preview I was able to sign copies which are now on sale at the gallery bookshop!

So if you are in London and would like to buy one of my new books that is signed hurry to the Mall Galleries while stocks last!

If you are in London this week make sure to enjoy the fantastic David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012 exhibition, it truly is incredible. It is seriously a show not to be missed!


David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition 2012

With my painting "Almost Hare" sold at the Mall Galleries last night during the Private Preview of the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012 Exhibition.

What a great night! I arrived at the Mall Galleries in London last night to enjoy the Private Preview of the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012 Exhibition.  I was eager to see the art  in the show. Mainly because every year I attend I am overwhlemed by the incredible range of art on display.This is one show that without question improves with every single exhibition. How, I don't know but the art that is forwarded for submissions by artists  reaches a higher standard with each year that passes. Making each new exhibition even more outstanding than the last.

The judges for this exhibition deserve  huge  recognition for keeping the collections  fresh, exciting and inspirational on all levels. As I walked through the Mall Galleries door before the show officially opened my eyes hit a feast of colour. The suclptures were out of this world particularly the work by Adam Binder. The wildlife art on the walls  took my breath away on numerous occasions where I had to simply stop and admire the talent behind the brushwork of each incredible artist.

No sooner had the doors opened than a red dot appeared beside my painting and as it sold a couple told me they had jut missed buying it. Throughout the evening it was wonderful to hear my painting had been wanted by several guests at the event and I am thrilled to now be able to donate all the proceeds from the sale to DSWF.

This has never been a show about  simply having a painiting or piece of art included in. It has always been about helping save widllife. A major task that DSWF  works so very hard to achieve with many goals ahead of them.

Please,if you are in London this week,visit the show, be inspired and see just why it is to me an incredible event.

If you are an artist who has never participated look out for details of the 2013 WAY exhibition and join in to support such a worthy cause.

 David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition 2012

Monday 21 May 2012

Atmospheric Watercolours: First Book Signed!

At Clarendon Art Group , Salisbury
Signing the very first copy of my new book to be sold
With Sharon who organised a superb day for all the artists attending my workshop.

The last few days has seen me signing copies of my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours" for the very first time since its release. It is fabulous to see  such positive reactions to my demonstrations and I keep receiving invitations to hold more.

Clarendon Art Group.
On Friday I drove to the Clarendon Art Group near Salisbury in Wiltshire. During the workshop I held there I sold and signed the very first copy of my new book. It was such a wonderful feeling. 

Surrey Literary Festival 2012
Camberley Theatre
 The next day  being Saturday I drove to Camberley Theatre where I signed more books following my demonstration as an autho for the Surrey Literary Festival 2012.

On each occasion I met fantastic artists who are all as passionate about working in watercolour as I am and everyone was so excited to be buying my new book. It is terrific to know it is now available and I will be shortly adding its' details to my web site so that anyone who cannot attend my workshops will be able to buy a signed copy online.

I will be giving various demonstrations throughout the year as my workshops are fully booked until 2013. You will be able to see me at Patchings in June and of course I will be demonstrating at the SWA Society for Women Artists 2012 Exhibition this year again too.

Please keep a check on my web site as I will be adding new details of my art, exhibitions and adding to my online shop  over the next few weeks.

It is a very busy year for me but one thing I do know, meeting others who love  watercolour as much as I do is a real treat!

Saturday 19 May 2012

Book Signing : Surrey Literary Festival 2012, in Camberley :Today!

Surrey Literary Arts Festival
Art Demonstration and Book Signing

Today I am demonstrating as a guest author during the Surrey Literary Festival in Camberley at the Camberley Theatre via Waterstones Book Store.

I look forward to meeting everyone after my demonstration, in the bar area of the theatre.

Full details can be found via this link.

Thursday 17 May 2012

Clarendon Art Group : Salisbury

 Last year I was invited to give a workshop/demonstration for the Clarendon Art Group in Salisbury,Wiltshire. I agreed and had no idea just how special the booking would be. Having made all the arrangements for my booking in advance the artist involved in the arrangements had no idea that this would be the very first time I would have my new book with me at a session.

A box arrived yesterday containing the very first copies of "Atmospheric Watercolours", my new book. Much to my excitement! Whilst I loaded my car with my demonstration equipment this is the first time I have taken this new publication, overflowing with demonstrations and inspirational tips to a workshop with me.

It feels really emotional this morning knowing in advance that in a short time I will be signing the very first copy for an artist this morning in Salisbury. I have wondered who  I would be signing the first copy to over the last few weeks and the moment has come and is about to happen.

Tomorrow I will be at the Surrey Literary Festival demonstrating again so this weekend is going to be very memorable in my life

More news on my tomorrow on my blog but I just had to share how I feel this morning. And now it has come to the time that I can, words fail me!


Thank you so much to everyone reading my blog and for the wonderful emails I recieved this week after my posts sharing my thoughts on my art journey and getting into galleries.

Happy Painting


What A Journey

With my beloved Taffy, a Bearded Collie,whilst living in Belgium
I was painting outside and he stole my bottle of painting water!

My original thoughts for my blog this morning have been completely taken over by wonderful memories. I just realised that I am in no less than seven exhibitions over the next few months with two being major solo shows. How this came about really was unintentional on my part.

Horse Racing Cockerels?

Last year I had such a successful solo exhibition at the Wey Gallery in Godalming. It was superb and I instantly agreed to a second solo this year when invited by the fantastic owners. Paintings and images were delivered gradually to the gallery and press releases organised well in advance. Often by the time invitations are sent all the work  for a show has been carried out behind the scenes but it is the titling and pricing for the catalogue that needs the last  and final decisions. This gallery has room to showcase my much larger paintings which take up so much wall space. They are also a firm base for my favourite horse racing collections which sell so well and have become highly collectible over the years. I know my new cockerels are also looked forward to and there are four fabulous vibrant pieces in this new collection that I will be very sad to lose as they adorned my home before I took them in for the show. Part of me is  tempted to race to bring them back as they added a feeling of energy to my cottage!

That Teddy Bear ?

I was also invited by The Frame Gallery which is  local to where I live to be Artist of the Month in June 2012 to also celebrate the launch of my new book. Jan the owner sells many of my paintings and artists from my workshops can often  visit the gallery following my art sessions. I agreed knowing the subjects that sell well here. My collection in this show will consist of a variety including the teddy bear " Thread Bare" that adorns the front pages of my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours". This painting means so much to me as it almost tells my art story. My mother gave me a teddy bear when I was little and it was on the last day that I ever saw her.  Strangely enough that gift has brought me so much love over the years so to include it in a book that was created out of a passion for watercolour seemed the right thing to do.

So with two shows under way and organised how did I manage to be included in others also?

Almost Hare!

I always support the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition and so, even though I was frantically busy at the beginning of this year I painted a hare and I am thrilled that it will be included in this year 2012 exhibition!

The Society Shows

I am a member of the SWA,Society of Women Artists so a horse racing scene will be included in this show. At the time of submissions I was working heavily on my solo shows but I have painted a scene for this exhibition also. I will be demonstrating at the SWA  in the Mall Galleries in London so please check my diary on my web site which will be updated soon! This is always one of my favourite locations to demonstrate and meet visitors to the exhibition so please don't miss out on a terrific day!

I have recently become a member of the SFP Society for Floral Painters and have floral work in my first show with them later this year. I adore painting flowers so to be in a show with only floral work is a heavenly opporunity !

More To Come?

I have fabulous new work to be on show in July in the New Forest and I have just been invited to be included in another gallerys summer exhibition.


When I left Belgium after living in Hong Kong and Dubai I had little idea that I would be enjoying my painting in watercolour as much as I  am now. I may have known I would be enjoying painting but I would never have foreseen where I was heading in my art career. I painted to capture scenes and faces from my travels.

From that passion people asked me to teach. I did and all over the world in many venues.

From teaching I was invited to show in galleries as my students had taken work in to be framed in fabulous locations. I exhibited in galleries that I never imagined showing in.

I was asked to write. I did for magazines which led to my being contacted by a publisher. I am about to launch my second book.

I was invited to film a DVD by a company whose artists I have admired for years. I did and my second film is now becoming as popular as my first.

I hold international workshops with artists coming from all over the world to them and I have been invited to teach abroad with my first tour taking place  in USA in Autumn.

Not once have I seen this art career coming.

I have been told I am famous but I don't see myself that way.  My name may be out there more than it was but I really would like to share  just one thing this morning. At heart, I am still the same girl seen in this photograph playing with her dog. Nothing has changed in my personality. My art journey is exciting but my two feet are firmly on the ground.  I am not special or in any way better than any other artist. I just love working in watercolour and I hope that shows.

So if you decide to attend any of my art events or exhibitions, please say "Hi" to  this watercolour addict. I would love to meet you!

Tuesday 15 May 2012

An Artist Thoughts

Over My Shoulder
I have received so many emails recently asking my advise on how to turn professional as an artist and how to get into galleries. I am also hearing from many artists who are finding they are not selling at all to the point they feel they want to give up painting.
I am replying personally but I realised maybe some of my views might be worth sharing here on my blog.
Firstly I always ask if the artist truly enjoys painting. I am passionate about working in watercolour. So much so that much of my time is experimental for my own sheer pleasure. From this fabulous creative experience I gain ideas for my new paintings and only these are shown in my watercolour collections. I must be really frustrating as an artist because I do not set out to paint any subject merely because it is selling well. In fact I do exactly the opposite.
I paint from my heart and I am never dictated to by what has sold in the past. My main concern is that every painting I create is my best and far better than the last . But I love this feeling and always yearn for something new.
As a result when I do have work that I am ready to exhibit there is an element of excitement about it. My new cockerels are worth waiting for as are my racing scenes. And then there will be the many other subjects that have also appeared from my creative process. When these go into a gallery they are looked forward to. And I have a good reputation of delivering work on time and presented professionally for my shows.
I arrived at this point in my career from experience over the years and learning. I know an excellent relationship with a gallery who represents me is vital.
I am continually surprised at people who are new to painting, in a matter of weeks or months who waltz into a gallery expecting to immediately sell their paintings and become famous overnight. It doesn't happen. Well maybe in rare cases!
I am disappointed when I hear of talented artists giving up because their work isn't selling when quite often they are just pushing themselves far too hard to be successful at a time in their art careers when they simply aren't ready.
My advise is to consider why you are painting. If you are enjoying the creative process then continue and grow as an artist. If you are only painting to sell and your work isn't selling consider why this is the case. Is it your style, your lack of experience or possibly too many paintings already out there similar in subject matter and technique.
If you are new as an artist and want to make a successful career out of painting, take your time. Grow, learn and only ever show your best. Don't race to get to your destination as a well known or famous artist. Make the journey to where you want to be really exciting and fascinating.
That way when you reach your dreams the whole process will have been magical!
Remember always, that all over the world there are millions of people who paint and many of them will be far better than you or I. But if you are an artist simply because you adore painting, every single day of your creative life will be terrific and that's the difference.

"Expressions" Solo Exhibition 2012 Wey Gallery

The Wey Gallery
Solo Exhibition
May 27th- June 11th, 2012

Yesterday I delivered the last of my paintings for my solo exhibition at the Wey Gallery in Godalming. I love this gallery as it is always so fantastic to visit. The owners are selective in the art they display and tend to show unique, contemporary art that is highly collectible. I visit many exhibitions so to walk into a gallery and see work that is completely fresh and new is a feast for an artists eyes. So I am delighted to be showing again in my second solo here.

I have been delivering subjects for my show over the last few weeks in groups so to finally see them all together for pricing  and catalogue details was really exciting. I have worked on this watercolour collection bringing a body of work together that is vibrant in colour,varied in subject matter and each painting is a firm favourite of mine which I would wish to keep as the artist. I also have paintings from my new book included in the show.

I have colourful new cockerels which have been created using my latest techniques. They outshine any cockerel paintings I have created to date; and they are intended to as I have grown in my art journey. My palette is  far more alive as my adventurous spirit will never settle for anything less than the best when it comes to dramatic colour combinations.

I have a fabulous selection of sheep watercolours,some of which were included in the June 2012 issue of "The Artist" magazine.

Owls with huge magnificent eyes can also be seen.  Two are from my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours".

Carnations as seen in my new DVD "Watercolour Passion" are in the fabulous collection of work.

There are a few surprises too like the elephant in an unusual frame.

Standing out will be my new collection of horse racing paintings. To see a gallery owners reaction when you take new work in is always a sign as to how well the show will be received. And they were thrilled with my latest pieces as am I. There is a strong sense of movement evident in this new collection that brings drama and the excitement of winning very much into play.

This body of work I am really proud of and looking forward to seeing in my second solo exhibition at the Wey Gallery. Last year in my first solo at the gallery various paintings sold immediately at the Private Preview and were taken that day due to visitors to the gallery having travelled so far to see my watercolours. For this reason I truly recommend an early visit if you would like to see the full collection.

I will be at the Private Preview on May 27th, 2012  and signing copies of my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours".  Everyone is welcome and I would love to meet you personally if you can make it to celebrate my new book, DVD and new collection of watercolours.

For full details please see the gallery web site on